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Missouri Man Charged with Threats Against KMBZ’s Dana Wright

According to the Kansas City Star, 49-year-old John D. Gribble of Independence, Missouri has been charged with making a felony criminal threat against KMBZ-FM, Kansas City talk host Dana Wright. In March, Gribble allegedly texted the station in which he “called Wright a sexual profanity and a ‘stupid libtard’ who ‘needs to beim publicly killed. Someday I’ll find that stupid bitch and fix that problem. Scott is the only voice of reason on that show.” The message references Wright’s co-host Scott Parks. Wright posted the text so her listeners could see it and wrote, “This particular threat is not the first— BY FAR — we have received, and I know that it will not be the last. I am sharing this — because I am done being quiet about it.” Wright tells the Star, “What concerns me about cases like this is the level of violence we are seeing against people in all different forms of media. And a lot of those people who lash out blame their rage on things like alcohol and other problems they might be having in their lives or some warped sense that the political landscape is responsible for every problem they’ve ever had.” Read the Star story here.