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OutKick announces that FOX News contributor, New York Times best-selling author and former professional wrestler, Tyrus, a.k.a. George Murdoch, joins the platform to host the new show, “Maintaining with Tyrus.” The first episode launches on February 1 featuring a sit-down with talk TV host Piers Morgan, followed by interviews with Wolf of Wall Street inspiration Jordan Belfort, and “How America Works” host Mike Rowe.

ESPN is expanding the reach of its ESPN podcast offerings starting January 29 as ESPN2 will televise an ESPN video podcast every weekday from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm ET. The premiering lineup will include: “First Draft,” “The Hoop Collective,” “The Lowe Post,” “The Mina Kimes Show” and “The Elle Duncan Show.” Mike Foss, ESPN SVP, production says, “This strategic content initiative provides our ESPN podcasts with a tremendous opportunity for continued growth and audience expansion, while simultaneously lending compelling content to our ESPN2 television lineup.”

New England Public Media promotes Elizabeth Román to managing editor – daily and digital news. NEPM says, “Although her title did not dramatically change, her responsibilities have evolved and Román will now be taking the lead on delivering daily news programming on the radio, NEPM website and social media channels.” Román says, “As a lifelong Springfield resident and Western Massachusetts native. I’m excited to continue working with our skilled news department to bring you even more stories that highlight the needs, concerns and successes of the people living and working in this community.”

Cumulus Media’s Westwood One is presenting play-by-play coverage of this weekend’s NFL Conference Championships presented by lead sponsor Intuit Turbo Tax. Doubleheader coverage begins with the pregame show at 2:00 pm ET on Sunday before the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens meet for the AFC Championship game and the Detroit Lions battle the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game.

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The 2024 presidential race, the Nikki HaleyRon DeSantis CNN debate, and Donald Trump’s FNC Town Hall; today’s Trump Organization civil trial closing arguments; the Israel-Hamas war; Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s ex-husband is arrested following an incident between the two; Hunter Biden attends congressional committee meeting about his contempt of congress: U.S. regulators approve ETFs investing in Bitcoin; House Speaker Mike Johnson under fire for spending deal; Houthi Red Sea attacks; and the Aaron RodgersPat McAfee-ESPN relationship were some of the most-talked-about stories in news/talk media yesterday, according to ongoing research from TALKERS magazine.


“The Greatest Game Ever Played”


Baltimore’s Alan Ameche plunges over the goal line for the winning touchdown!(courtesy YouTube/NFL Films)

On the field? Maybe. In its impact on pro football and sports broadcasting? Absolutely!

By Mark Wainwright

imIt was one of those indelible moments in sports history: The 1958 NFL Championship, played on December 28, 1958 at Yankee Stadium in New York. The Baltimore Colts defeated the New York Giants 23-17 in sudden death overtime. 65 years later, the events of that Sunday afternoon still resonate throughout pro sports and sports media.

In 1958, the National Football League was far from the huge phenomenon we see today. Americans generally had much more interest in baseball, and during the Fall, college football captured the attention of sports fans on Saturday afternoons. The annual Army/Navy and Harvard/Yale clashes were national news stories, and fans followed the exploits of powerhouses like Notre Dame and Michigan. For most fans, pro football was an afterthought. Even in cities with pro franchises, the NFL clubs often played runner-up to the local baseball teams.

Baltimore and New York were two exceptions. The Colts were upstarts — Baltimore didn’t get an NFL team until 1953 — and the city quickly fell in love with the Colts; on game days, Baltimore’s Memorial Stadium was described as “the world’s largest outdoor insane asylum.” Meanwhile, the Giants had been part of the NFL since 1925, and they were considered the league’s most glamorous team, located in the world’s media capital. Two very different teams, both with passionate fan bases, playing a nationally-televised title game in New York City… indeed, America was destined to notice pro football that day.

Seventeen Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees were in the stadium that afternoon, along with a Heisman Trophy winner (Baltimore running back Alan Ameche). The Colts were led by quarterback Johnny Unitas and defensive end Gino Marchetti. The New York offense revolved around halfback Frank Gifford, while linebacker Sam Huff anchored the defense.

There were all-stars in the broadcast booths, as well. NBC’s national telecast was assigned to Chris Schenkel and Chuck Thompson; both of these gentlemen are now legends of their industry. Joe Bolan and Bill McColgan called the game for NBC’s national radio feed, while Les Keiter did the play-by-play for WCBS Radio in New York. And Bob Wolff did the radio call for Baltimore’s WBAL. Wolff was assisted by an eager teenager who worked as his spotter… a young man named Maury Povich (yes, that guy).

The first half, frankly, wasn’t anywhere near “greatest game” territory. While both defenses played fairly well, the offenses looked sloppy and disorganized, and the two teams combined for six turnovers in the first thirty minutes. The Giants managed only a Pat Summerall field goal, while the Colts — almost in spite of themselves — took a 14-3 lead into halftime. It could have easily been 17-3, but Sam Huff blocked a Baltimore field goal attempt.

So, what was the halftime entertainment? Over the years, Super Bowl halftimes have featured performers like Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson. What 1950’s superstars would perform in the “super bowl” of 1958? Elvis Presley? Brenda Lee, maybe? Nope. It was the Baltimore Colts Marching Band, with their prancing majorettes looking quite fetching in their red leotards and reindeer antlers…


The Baltimore Colts Marching Band majorettes, in “reindeer” mode!  (courtesy YouTube/NFL Films)

Baltimore’s offensive woes continued into the second half. Early on, the Colts drove the ball to New York’s 1-yard line, but Alan Ameche was stopped for no gain on third down, then Ameche was tackled for a loss when he attempted to run wide on fourth down. In an interview decades later, Baltimore’s Lenny Moore revealed that Ameche botched the play; it was supposed to be an option pass, but Ameche didn’t hear Johnny Unitas’ signals correctly, and he ran instead of throwing a short pass to a wide open Colts receiver.

That goal-line stand awakened New York’s offense, and they needed only four plays to score their first touchdown to make it 14-10. The Giants then took a 17-14 lead early in the fourth quarter on a Frank Gifford touchdown reception, and while the Colts responded with two effective drives, they came up empty on both possessions; one ended with a missed field goal, the other ended when Unitas was sacked twice, taking the Colts out of scoring range. The Giants’ offense only needed a first down or two to ice the game, but Frank Gifford was stopped on a critical third down run. For decades, Gifford insisted he made the first down; Baltimore’s Gino Marchetti suffered a badly broken ankle in the pileup, and Gifford often said that amidst the chaos and confusion of tending to Marchetti’s injury, the officials did not spot the ball properly. However, when ESPN restored the footage for a 50th anniversary broadcast in 2008, an accident reconstruction expert analyzed the images and determined that Gifford was, indeed, just short of the first down (more about that ESPN program in our Epilogue). The Giants chose to punt the ball, and the Colts took over on their own 14-yard line.

This was the moment when Johnny Unitas began his ascent to legendary status. With just two minutes left, he moved the Colts downfield quickly. While there were several misfires, he made four critical completions, including three straight passes to his star receiver Raymond Berry. Those last three plays moved the ball 62 yards to the Giants’ 13-yard line, and with just seconds remaining, the Colts rushed Steve Myhra out to attempt a tying field goal. Myhra had struggled with field goal attempts all season, and Baltimore fans held their collective breath until the ball went through the uprights. The fourth quarter ended tied 17-17.

So… what happens next? Many of the players and coaches weren’t sure. It was not unusual for football games to end in a tie, but this game was for the NFL title. Would the teams be declared co-champions? Fortunately, the NFL had recently instituted an overtime rule for championships, and it would be decided on the field. The teams would play pure “sudden death.” The first team to score in any manner would win, and they would play for as long as it took.

The Giants won the toss and chose to receive, but they were not able to mount any kind of drive, and they punted the ball back to the Colts. Unitas now had all the time in the world, and Johnny U methodically moved the Baltimore offense to the New York 8-yard line. It was first-and-goal, and then, suddenly… the NBC Television feed disappeared! Nothing but snow on the screen!

This caused immediate panic in NBC’s control room, not to mention in homes across the nation, as viewers — particularly in Baltimore — bolted from their living rooms and scrambled to find the nearest radio. It was one of the worst possible moments to lose the live feed of a TV broadcast. And then…

A fan ran onto the field! Play was halted for nearly a full minute before New York’s Finest chased him down and escorted him to the sideline. Over the years, there has been endless rumor and speculation about this incident. Photographs show the fan was well-dressed and appeared very cooperative when the cops took him away; he certainly didn’t look like a drunken lout. Who was this guy?

Whoever he was, he is now the stuff of sports broadcasting legend. More than six decades later, it is widely believed that he was an NBC employee who realized the broadcast was interrupted and ran onto the field — or perhaps was told to run onto the field — to delay the game long enough to give the TV crew enough time to find a loose cable and fix the connection. As far as I know, he was never identified and the story has never been confirmed. One hopes the fellow received a bonus and a promotion for his quick thinking!

When the game resumed, the Colts ran two plays to reach third-and-goal from just over a yard away. A field goal attempt might have been the obvious choice, but Baltimore coach Weeb Ewbank was leery of sending a struggling Steve Myhra in to kick. Meanwhile, the coach trusted Unitas completely, and he left Johnny U and the offense on the field. A routine handoff to Alan Ameche secured a 23-17 Baltimore victory.

The game was breaking news nationwide. It was a big topic of Sunday afternoon dinner conversations, and it was headline news on front pages and in sports sections the following day. NFL and television executives soon realized that professional football could become a very valuable property, and they started making plans for increasing television coverage and boosting marketing exposure for the teams, the star players, and the sport overall. And down in Dallas, Lamar Hunt — a son of oil tycoon H.L. Hunt — started thinking about owning his own football team. Those dreams eventually led to his role in establishing the rival American Football League, which merged with the NFL just over a decade later. Historians and sportswriters have studied the 1958 title game, and they generally agree that event was the start of professional football growing into the colossus it has since become. It was the aftermath and the impact  — as much as the drama of the game itself — that led them to calling it “The Greatest Game Ever Played.”



As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, television did not put a high priority on archiving sports events back then. There is no known videotape of the game; videotape was in its infancy, and while NBC presumably had one or two of the early machines available, it seems nobody bothered racking them up. There is no known kinescope film recording of the television broadcast, either. Fortunately, there was plenty of film footage of the game, both from overhead and from sideline views. This footage was shot by NFL Films, as well as various newsreel cameramen working for different organizations.

On the 50th anniversary of the game in 2008, ESPN produced a special documentary that used the old footage to re-create much of the action. The historic clips were colorized for broadcast, and the action was interspersed with comments and memories from players, fans, and broadcasters who were there. (Sadly, many of these gentlemen have passed away in the fifteen years since.) Most of Bob Wolff’s Baltimore radio broadcast was saved, and the NBC national radio call was saved almost in entirety. This historic audio was used in conjunction with the preserved video. Several versions of the ESPN special can be found on YouTube; here is a link to one of those.

Others have collaborated on an almost-complete reconstruction of the game, using the original newsreel and NFL footage, some of the colorized ESPN content, stock footage, and still photos. The audio portion uses the NBC national radio call by Joe Bolan and Bill McColgan (complete with vintage commercials!). There are several uploads of this project on YouTube, and there is also a version on the Internet Archive, available here. If you’ve never seen any of “The Greatest Game Ever Played,” punch it up on your laptop and enjoy!

Mark Wainwright is a long-time radio personality and voiceover performer. He was most recently the morning host at WSYR in Syracuse; he is also a Baltimore native and life-long Baltimore Colts fan (and he still hasn’t gotten over the Colts leaving town and moving to Indianapolis decades ago!). He can be reached at:

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Florence, Alabama news/talk/sports WBCF-AM notifies the FCC that it will cease broadcast operations effective December 31, 2023 and will go silent. The station, owned by Benji Carle, simulcasts on translator W246BS at 97.1 FM, also licensed to Florence.

Radio programmer Michael Czarnecki leaves his position with Binnie Media as vice president of programming for that company’s Maine radio stations and “The Pulse of New Hampshire” network of talk stations to join Saga Communications as PD for WMLL, Manchester, New Hampshire “96.5 Live Free Country.”

The OutKick digital sports media platform says it saw strong growth month over month in November 2023 with over 6.4 million total multiplatform unique visitors (up 6% versus the prior month), 24 million total multiplatform views, (up 2% versus the prior month), and 23 million total multiplatform minutes (up 1% flat versus the prior month), according to data from Comscore. On Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram, OutKick saw over 1.3 million total social actions in November 2023, up 48% versus the prior month and up 93% versus November 2022.

Josh Krulewitz is named ESPN SVP, communications and assumes leadership of ESPN’s communications department effective December 31. Krulewitz takes over for Chris LaPlaca who is retiring at the end of the year after more than 43 years at ESPN.

VSiN adds two new affiliate stations to its roster as WKCT-AM and WDNS-AM in Bowling Green, Kentucky and WTKG-AM, Grand Rapids, Michigan are now airing content from the network.

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WNRI, Woonsocket, Rhode Island talk radio host John DePetro shared his recent cancer diagnosis with his listeners on Monday (12/4). He stated, “I have cancer and will undergo surgery next week with the team at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and look forward to a complete recovery. I wanted to mention my friend Bernard McGuirk, whose passing last year brought awareness to me and others and certainly effected my approach to the situation.”

Salem Media Group announces that “Man in America with Seth Holehouse” is added to the lineup of the Salem Podcast Network, effective immediately.The podcast will continue to release an episode each weekday.

AdLarge announces that Tom Brady joins its salesforce. In this role, Brady will work directly with EVP of audio sales, Robin Sloan. Brady was most recently senior director, East Coast audio sales at Disney Advertising Sales, in which he led a team overseeing audio sponsorships and ad campaigns for the Disney podcast portfolio and ESPN Radio Network.

PodcastOne acquires the exclusive multiyear sales and distribution rights to New York Times bestselling author and attorney Rabia Chaudry’s and actress Ellyn Marsh’s true crime genre podcast, “Rabia & Ellyn Solve the Case.” Chaudry, who initiated the worldwide sensation podcast “Serial” and served as an executive producer on the HBO documentary series, “The Case Against Adnan Syed,” and Marsh, who starred on Broadway in Enron and Kinky Boots, host the weekly show.

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As reported by Erich Richter in the New York Post, ESPN and SiriusXM sports media personality Chris “Mad Dog” Russo admits to losing somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000 in a five-leg parlay on NFL football last weekend. Russo and fellow ESPN personalities Molly Qerim, Marcus Spears, and Stephen A. Smith on “First Take” on November 29. Read the Post piece here.

SiriusXM and Major League Baseball announce today a five-year extension of their broadcasting agreement. SiriusXM has teamed up with MLB to deliver games to fans around the country since 2005 and will continue to air live play-by-play of every regular season and postseason MLB game, as well as select spring training and Spanish-language game broadcasts, through the 2028 season. SiriusXM will also continue to produce the exclusive MLB Network Radio channel.

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Gracies Leadership Awards Honorees Celebrated in NYC


The Alliance for Women in Media hosted the Gracies Leadership Awards luncheon yesterday (11/13) at Tribeca 360° in New York City, recognizing the outstanding contributions of eight female leaders. This year’s program included the inaugural Gracies Icon Award presented to Premiere Networks personality Delilah. She took part in a fireside chat with RAB president and CEO Erica Farber. The other recipients are pictured above (l-r): Becky Brooks, president, AWM/F, Delilah, Rebekah Dopp, Suzanne Grimes, Susan Larkin, Lori Locke, Rosalyn Durant, Kay Olin, Heather Cohen, Katina Arnold, and Christine Travaglini. Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Alliance for Women in Media


Disney Breaks Out ESPN Revenue

For the first time, Disney is releasing financial data for its ESPN operations in a corporate filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Alexandra Canal at Yahoo!Finance writes that ESPN “generated more than $16 billion in revenue and $2.9 billion in operating profit in Disney’s fiscal yearim 2022, which ended on Oct. 1, 2022. The bulk of that revenue and profit came from its domestic business at $14.6 billion and $2.81 billion, respectively.” The filing also shows how important cable television is to ESPN’s bottom line. Canal writes, “The bulk of the sports segment revenue came from affiliate fees at $10.8 billion followed by advertising at $4.4 billion and subscription fees for ESPN+ at $1.1 billion. ESPN typically has the highest carriage fees, or fees pay-TV providers pay to network owners to carry their channels, of all basic cable networks. According to an estimate from SNL Kagan, ESPN charges pay-TV operators $8 to $9 per subscriber.” Read the Yahoo!Finance piece here.

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GKB Announces New Lineup at “ESPN Milwaukee”

Good Karma Brands makes programming changes to sports talk WKTI-FM “ESPN Milwaukee” that features two new local afternoon programs. Airing from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, the “Kyle, Brust, & Nortman” show is being hosted by Kyle Wallace, a current host on the company’s talk “101.7 The Truth,” former University ofim Wisconsin hoops star Ben Brust, and former Wisconsin Badger and NFL punter Brad Nortman. The station also adds “The Homer Hour” hosted by Steve “Homer” True airing from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm and featuring former Packers star Bryan Bulaga, sports commentator John Anderson, ESPN reporter Rob Demovsky, Wisconsin State Journal NFL contributor Jason Wilde, and more. ESPN Milwaukee director of content Bryan Dee says, “The new lineup includes a dynamic group of hosts with unique perspectives, all of whom possess a passion and expertise in Wisconsin sports. It begins in the morning with Evan Cohen, a UW-Madison alum, followed by ESPN College Gameday reporter Jen Lada, ESPN Radio host Gabe Neitzel, and former Packers tight end Mark Chmura. The midday slot features ‘Kyle, Brust, & Nortman,’ while the day concludes with Homer. Fans can expect to enjoy fresh, bold, and entertaining local content throughout the day.”

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FOX News Channel Top Cable Net in Total Day and Prime Time in July

FOX News Channel says that, according to data from Nielsen Media Research, it finished July 2023 as cableim television’s most-watched network across both primetime and total day viewership and was #2 in the 25-54 demo with total day behind ESPN. FNC’s “The Five” has been number one in viewership for seven consecutive quarters securing 2,591,000 total viewers and 254,000 in the A25-54 demo.

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Dan Patrick Announces Retirement in 2027

Sports Illustrated’s Kevin Sweeney reports that sports media personality Dan Patrick announces to his fans thatim he plans to retire from the business in four years at the end of 2027. Patrick’s radio program is nationally syndicated via Premiere Networks and is simulcast via YouTube. The former ESPN personality responded to fans who questioned his decision by saying, “This is a young man’s game. I’m the oldest guy doing this. And I enjoy doing it, but by the end of 2027, that’ll be it. You have my word, so plan accordingly.” Read the SI story here.

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Disney Takes Budget Axe to ESPN

Heading into the Fourth of July holiday weekend, Disney made approximately 20 cuts to ESPN’s on-air staff, laying off Keyshawn Johnson and Max Kellerman from the recently cancelled ESPN Radio morning driveim show, as well as NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy, ESPN television personality Suzy Kolber, and others.  These layoffs come as little surprise as Disney had announced earlier this year that it would be eliminating some 7,000 positions across the entire company.

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Report: Budget Cuts at Disney Cancel ESPN Radio Morning Show

According to numerous reports, including from the New York Post’s Andrew Marchand, the financial scalpel being applied to Disney’s ESPN Radio has dropped the nationally syndicated morning show hosted by Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams and Max Kellerman. The story also says that this move is just part ofim more “significant on-air layoffs” affecting ESPN personalities that could come as early as next week. Johnson, Williams and Kellerman have other roles with ESPN and their individual status with the company is not certain, but Marchand speculates that contract buyouts by ESPN are a possibility. ESPN will put a morning show back on the network, but the talent will need to make significantly less than the “Keyshawn, JWill and Max” hosts were making. Read the Post story here.

Job Opportunity

Columbus’ “The Fan” Seeks Station Manager

TEGNA’s sports talk WBNS-FM, Columbus, Ohio “97.1 The Fan” is seeking a “strategic, creative, dynamic, experienced broadcasting sales manager/director of sales/general manager to become our next great station manager. ‘97.1 The Fan’ is the flagship station for all Ohio State Athletics as well as NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets and the MLS Columbus Crew. ‘The Fan’ is also the Columbus home for Cleveland Browns football. Our legacy properties boast one of the top-rated ESPN affiliates in the United States as well as a statewide network of over 80 stations and a digital platform of full-service digital solutions. This position reports to the president and general manager of WBNS-TV.” Find out more and apply here.

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New York Festivals Radio Awards Announces 2023 Winners

The 2023 winners of the New York Festivals Radio Awards were announced yesterday, and the BBC was named Broadcaster of the Year, while HarperCollins Publishers was honored as Radio Production Company of the Year. NY Festivals says, “Creative audio entries from storytellers around the globe captivated listeners and were recognized by the 2023 Radio Award Grand Jury. Winning entries include podcasts and audiobooks, masterful dramas, and documentaries, up-to-the-minute news coverage, entertainment, and music specials all created by world renowned storytellers.” New York Festivals Storyteller’s Gala honored “The Kalb Report” with the 13th annual New York Festivals Lifetime Achievement Award. For nearly 30 years “The Kalb Report,” moderated by eminent journalist Marvin Kalb, has provided a forum for prominent newsmakers and journalists to discuss the news media’s impact on American democracy. “Start Here” by ABC News in the News Podcast category earned the inaugural National Press Club Award. The new award launched in 2023, in partnership with the National Press Club, goes to the highest scoring entry in the following news program categories: Best Coverage of Breaking News Story, Best Coverage of Ongoing News Story, Best Nonfiction Series, and News Podcast. Other U.S.-based audio companies winning gold awards in this year’s competition include: ESPN in three podcast categories, iHeartMedia/Katie Couric Media in the Narrative/Documentary Podcast category, and SiriusXM for Best Editing. See the complete winners gallery here.

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Charly Arnolt Joins Outkick

OutKick announces that sports media personality Charly Arnolt leaves ESPN to join Outkick as co-host of a new program that is currently in development. Outkick says that Arnolt will also be “featured across OutKick platforms to discuss trending topics and to provide her authentic takes on the most pressing stories in sports.” In addition to her work with ESPN, Arnolt has been a host for WWE and is currently a reporter for UFC events. Outkick founder Clay Travis says, “Charly is an outstanding talent and will be a great asset for OutKick. It doesn’t surprise me she wanted to leave ESPN given their woke approach to sports and this is a great opportunity for her to join a platform that’s growing fast where she can speak her mind.” Arnolt says, “I’m extremely excited to join OutKick and work alongside Clay and a great stable of talent. The outspoken nature of the platform and its ability to create engaging content is what really piqued my interest. I have a lot of opinions that I haven’t been able to express, and I can’t wait get started.”

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— ESPN and SiriusXM are teamed up to give listeners nationwide access to ESPN’s live audio coverage of select UFC events on SiriusXM’s Fight Nation channel. Subscribers will hear the live call from the UFC audio on ESPN networks. ESPN vice president Matt Kenny states, “We are constantly looking for new ways to give fans more access to our content. SiriusXM’s expansive reach will help us bring the excitement of UFC to a broader audience and provide additional ways for these very passionate fans to stay connected to the action.”

— iHeartMedia announces that new episodes of the program “Navigating Narcissism with Dr. Ramani” are available on its iHeartPodcasts platform. The podcast is hosted by clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula and focuses on narcissism and its impact on relationships. iHeartmedia says, “Through powerful conversations with survivors and experts, Dr. Ramani breaks down classic patterns of narcissistic abuse including love bombing, gaslighting, control and manipulation to help millions who are suffering. Each eye-opening episode demystifies feelings of betrayal, shame, confusion and pain for a tremendously transformative and healing experience.”

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WPEN-FM, Philadelphia’s John Kincade Holding “Open House”

“The John Kincade Show” at Beasley Media Group sports talk WPEN-FM, Philadelphia’s “97.5 The Fanatic” is hosting Open House Week in which listeners are invited to join them in person at the Beasley Media Group performance studio in Philadelphia. Show hosts John Kincade, Bob Cooney and Pat Egan have beenText - Graphics soliciting listeners via the station’s website to reserve spots to be in-studio today through Friday (2/24). Kincade says, “More than any show in Philly sports radio, we have always been interested in getting out and interacting with our listeners. This is a great way for us to welcome our listeners behind the scenes at our brand-new performance studio to get even better connected with the show.” Special guests scheduled to join the show include Philadelphia Union coach Jim Curtin, Sixers radio announcer Tom McGinnis, Sixers TV announcer Kate Scott, former Phillies players Tommy Greene and Mickey Morandini, Flyers radio broadcasters Tim Saunders and Steve Coates, Zach Berman from The Athletic, and ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

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“Mike & The Mad Dog” Reunion Happens on “First Take”

Next Wednesday (2/1), sports talk radio legends Mike Francesa and Chris “Mad Dog” Russo will reunite for a two-hour appearance on ESPN’s morning show, “First Take,” with Stephen A. Smith and host Molly Qerim. Russo and Francesa co-hosted their show on WFAN, New York from 1989 through 2008 and became theStephen A. Smith - Molly Qerim template by which sports talk debate shows were often created. Smith says, “When we think about sports debate shows’ inception, in my opinion it starts with talk radio. And there is no way on earth you can talk about talk radio without bringing up ‘Mike & The Mad Dog.’ This business has changed – and flourished – because of what they accomplished as a dynamic duo spanning 19 years. They are, unquestionably, the standard. So, it’s easy to says that not only am I looking forward to having them reunite on ‘First Take,’ I’m HONORED to have them. Can’t wait.”

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TALKERS News Notes

— Talk radio pro Gary R’Nel is named Saturday afternoon host (3:00 pm – 5:00 pm) on Audacy’s news/talk WPHT, Philadelphia. R’nel tells TALKERS, “I think it’s imperative that talk radio present shows that are entertaining and informative. Connecting with the listener one-on-one in some capacities has become a lost art. Those who do engage are among the most successful.”

Edison Research is presenting its first webinar of the year, “Media Habits of Gen Z,” next Wednesday (1/18) at 1:00 pm ET. Edison says, “This custom study, examining media habits of Gen Z through survey research and qualitative interviews, was originally commissioned by the PRPD and presented at their annual conference recently. The findings are now being made available in a webinar. Discover how Gen Z see themselves, how they consume media, and how they share with their peers.” The webinar is being presented by Edison Research VP Megan Lazovick and senior director of research Gabriel Soto. Register here.

Omaha Productions and ESPN announce the launch of a new podcast called “Lead By Example” hosted by Golden State Warriors president of basketball operations and general manager Bob Myers. The podcast features Myers speaking with leaders in various walks of life – from sports and entrepreneurship to politics and entertainment – to share in their experiences and the lessons they’ve learned on their journey. The first guest is Warriors star Stephen Curry and drops on Tuesday (1/17).