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West Virginia’s Bob Huggins Utters Gay Slur During WLW Show

College hoops coach Bob Huggins issued an apology after using the word “fa**ots” during his appearance on the Bill Cunningham show on iHeartMedia’s WLW, Cincinnati yesterday (5/8). CBS Newsim reports that Huggins’ employer – West Virginia University – says it is taking the situation “under review and will be addressed by the University and its athletics department.” Cunningham and Huggins were talking about Huggins’ former crosstown rival, Xavier University, from his time as head coach of University of Cincinnati, when Huggins referenced incidents of Xavier students throwing rubber penises on the basketball court “and then say they didn’t do it.” He added, “…what it was, was all those fa**ots, those Catholic fa**ots, I think.” Read the CBS story here.