Monday Memo: Plan NOW for the Big Story

By Holland Cooke


BLOCK ISLAND, RI — After Putin said he’s not bluffing about tactical nukes, it’s prudent to take time to re-familiarize yourself with your network’s continuing coverage routine. When-the-fit-hits-the-shan they’ll shine, and news/talk stations need to be conspicuous.

  • Know now how you will be alerted when the net’ goes wall-to-wall or offers in-and-out updates during the hour.
  • WHO will do WHAT to break-into syndicated shows? In many clusters, a single person manages multiple stations’ largely-automated programming. Which staffer can pivot?
  • Use cluster-mate stations to remind their listeners that your news/talk stick is all-over-this.
  • When “The Big Story” blocks-out the sun, anyone at home will be glued to TV; so say “Stick with us when you’re in the car…”

This isn’t just Ukraine-watch. Gun nuts like that Buffalo supermarket shooter walk among us. And we’re recently reminded that so-called “100 year” storms come lots more often lately.

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