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Berliner Resigns From NPR


As we reported just yesterday (TALKERS  4/17), NPR senior business editor Uri Berliner was suspended one week without pay from the public media organization after writing an essay for Substack publication The Free Press without first seeking permission from NPR as required by his contract. Now comes word from The New York Times that Berliner – who accused the broadcaster of liberal bias in that online piece – has resigned from the nonprofit. In his resignation letter, Berliner called NPR “a great American institution” that should not be defunded. In the letter posted on his X (formerly Twitter) account, Berliner writes, “I respect the integrity of my colleagues and wish NPR to thrive and do important journalism.” He, however, continues that he “cannot work in a newsroom where I am disparaged by a new CEO whose divisive views confirm the very problems I cite in my Free Press essay.” CBS News notes that Katherine Maher, who became NPR’s CEO last month, wrote a staff memo several days after publication of Berliner’s essay addressing his criticisms of the organization’s editorial process. Among Berliner’s claims are that NPR is failing to consider other viewpoints and that it is fixated on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.