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New York Festivals Announces 2024 Radio Awards Winners

The New York Festivals Storytellers Gala Announces the 2024 Radio Awards winning entries via a virtual event yesterday (4/16) at 6:00 pm ET. The virtual event included global audio highlights, award winners’ acceptance speeches from around the world, and up-close and personal spotlights featuring some ofim radio’s most respected storytellers. Highlights included the BBC being honored with the 2024 Broadcaster of the Year Award. NYFestivals honored legendary sports journalist Donna de Varona with the 14th annual NYF Lifetime Achievement Award. “Murder in Boston: The untold story of the Charles and Carol Stuart Shooting,” produced by the Boston Globe was recognized by NYFestivals with the 2024 National Press Club Award, which honors the highest scoring news program. View the 2024 Storytellers Gala. View the 2024 winners’ showcase.