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Futuri: Audiences Expect Media to Use AI

According to a study from Futuri and CMG Custom Research, not only do radio and television audiences expect media to use artificial intelligence in broadcasts, 20% believe they’ve already listened to a radio station using it and 49% of TV news viewers believe they’ve seen it. Futuri CEO Daniel Anstandig presented the results of the nearly 5,200-person study at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. Other takeaways from the study include that for radio, people cannot easily distinguish between human and AI audioim content: Participants were presented with paired samples of AI-generated voices created using Futuri’s AudioAI and human voices. 60% of the time, they identified the AI as human. The study also found respondents open to the use of AI with many believing that AI will improve content across news, video, and audio. For example, 45% of TV news viewers believe AI can assist in selecting better news stories; 54% of local TV news viewers believe AI can enhance weather forecasts, showcasing the potential for AI to elevate traditional news through proper newsroom integration; and respondents also indicated a high level of trust in AI-generated content, specifically when informed by reputable sources like local and national news outlets. Anstandig comments, “Futuri’s study shows that audiences are open to media’s adoption of AI for content creation. In fact, they already believe they’ve experienced AI in use on radio and television. We learned that audiences believe that AI will assist media in creating more relevant and engaging content. They just want to be informed of its use, and for it to be used in the right scenarios.