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Happy Eclipse Day!


Stations and hosts around the nation report to TALKERS that they are getting mileage and traction out of today’s rare eclipse of the sun that is presenting the exciting phenomenon of totality in many parts of the country and near-totality in others. The story covers a range of angles from how to avoid the dangers of viewing the event without appropriate eye protection, to the tourism and travel implications, to the scientific basis of the event, and to myths and legends attached to it from a historical perspective. A number of hosts say the eclipse provides a welcome opportunity to provide a brief and fascinating natural topical alternative that is neither political nor a disaster. Some radio stations are providing listeners with safety-approved disposable glasses imprinted with their logos. Pictured above are almost exact similar takes on two topical themes depicted by world-renowned American ex-pat artist/musician and TALKERS contributor Bobbie Winston (a.k.a. La Femme Bobbie) based in Copacabana, Brazil for the past 35 years. The first is her 2020 piece titled “The New Normal” depicting life during the pandemic. The new one, “Total Eclipse,” just released is her impression of today’s cosmic event. Check her out here.