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FOX Nation debuts a new true crime series, “Unsolved with James Patterson,” in which the acclaimed author examines three unsolved homicide investigations: the cases of Nanette Krentel of Louisiana, Elizabeth Salgado of Utah, and Brian Egg of California. Patterson says, “I was totally gripped by these cases. The fact that they are real-life stories – and that we may help bring justice to the victims and their families – is very special.”

The Podcast Academy honors New Hampshire Public Radio senior reporter Lauren Chooljian with the award for Best Reporting at its 2024 Awards for Excellence in Audio for her reporting on the longform investigative podcast, “The 13th Step.” Chooljian says, “I’ve been floored by all the recognition ‘The 13th Step’ has received lately, and I take it as a sign that despite the difficulties in our industry right now, there are so many people out there who deeply value in-depth, impactful audio reporting. So, let’s keep doing it!”