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Comrex Offers Free Gagl Trial

Comrex – the company that has been making innovative tools that allow broadcasters and content creators worldwide to connect with their audiences from anywhere – is offering free 30-day Gagl accounts to make it easy for broadcasters from around the world to share each other’s programming, join in on live talk shows, and demonstrate the power of radio in celebration of World Radio Day onim February 13. Comrex says, “Tens of thousands of Comrex customers go ‘live and local’ every day to bring radio to life for their listeners. Customers that already have a Comrex IP audio codec can use Gagl to connect to their existing hardware. Broadcasters in the US that don’t have a Comrex ACCESS or BRIC-Link IP audio codec can even request free demo hardware if they would like to participate. Restrictions apply.” Comrex adds that using Gagl is as simple as clicking a link from an email. It opens a web browser on a phone or computer and connects with up to five other users. As long as the broadcasters are using headphones, everyone hears each other and the host back in the studio. Audio quality is much better than most web conferencing applications, and there is no complicated setup. For more information, contact Comrex at 800-237-1776 or email