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Denver Talk Host Steffan Tubbs’ to Exit Salem’s KNUS in November

News and talk radio pro Steffan Tubbs announced last month that he’ll exit his 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm KNUS-AM, Denver talk show on November 3. Tubbs, who has served in Denver with iHeartMedia’s news/talk KOA as well as Salem Media Group’s KNUS, has been producing documentaries in addition to his radioim work. In a Westword profile, Tubbs talks about his ascent in the news business, his plans for the “final chapter” of his working life, and his current film project about the deadly drug fentanyl. Locally, Tubbs has caused controversy with his 2020 documentary, Denver in Decay. About that film, Tubbs tells Westword, “That documentary kind of put me on the map as being one of the most hated media members by local politicians in Colorado in recent memory, and I embrace that. But with all the hate and praise, the one thing no one has ever said is that Denver in Decay is inaccurate. You can say all you want if you don’t like the messaging, but you can’t attack the accuracy or the credibility.” Read the full story here.