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Benztown Launches Role Callers Service

Benztown announces the launch of Role Callers, “an exciting and innovative new on-air enhancement service for radio stations that need to shake up their sound.” Benztown says, “Role Callers provides stations with paid phone actors that offer high-engagement content perfect for drive time or anytime. Role Callers delivers highest qualityim voice acting services for cash or barter, directed by Benztown producers in collaboration with station program directors and producers, and totally customized to their needs… The actors call in to radio stations, asking questions, playing along with comedy bits, sharing local information, talking up contests and promotions, and more – all according to the specific needs of each station.” Benztown president Dave “Chachi” Denes says, “We live in a digitally overloaded world, and human interaction and connectivity have become increasingly crucial. Role Callers serves as an invaluable tool, effectively sparking live listener engagement on some of the nation’s most prominent morning shows.”