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Gemini XIII Acquires United Stations Radio Networks

Gemini XIII announces it is acquiring United Stations Radio Networks. Gemini XIII says, “The acquisition strengthens Gemini XIII’s position in the audio landscape, expands its sales offerings, and solidifies its commitment to delivering top-notch content and premium services to audiences worldwide.” Gemini COOim Charles Steinhauer says, “We’re excited to welcome USRN into the Gemini XIII ecosystem. We will be able to build on current successes and existing sales infrastructure to immediately grow and make Gemini a destination for producers, advertisers and sponsors looking to deliver to unique audiences. The integration of Gemini XIII’s digital expertise and podcasting prowess will result in a robust content ecosystem that provides an immersive and diverse range of audio experiences for listeners across platforms.” USRN chairman and CEO Nick Verbitsky comments, “Spencer Brown, CEO of Gemini XIII, and Charles Steinhauer have a track record of success in network radio having built Dial Global from the ground up. I am pleased that they will have the opportunity to continue to build United Stations, a company I started along with Dick Clark over thirty years ago and has been a leader in network radio.”