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WSJS, Winston-Salem Dealing with Effects of Tower Vandalism

According to a report from WXII-TV, Winston-Salem, Truth Broadcasting Corporation’s news/talk/sports WSJS-AM, Winston-Salem is off the air today (1/19) as it works to repair damage to three of its towers that’s taken place over the past five weeks. Truth Broadcasting owner Michael Carbone tells WXII-TV that when theSource For Sports - Logo first tower was damaged, they thought bad weather was the culprit. But, after the second tower was affected, they realized that it was intentional and done by someone who knew what they were doing. The report states that after the second tower was damaged “Truth Broadcasting then hired security, and then the morning after security left the third tower was damaged. Police say someone used a tool to cut through parts of the towers anchoring them to the ground. ‘The person who did this had a real good idea of what they were doing,’ Carbone said. ‘Because they picked the point that was the safest to do what they were going to do.’” Police continue to investigate but so far, they have not made any arrests. Carbone says they are working on another location for the WSJS transmitter and hope to return to the air in a few days.