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Former WTIC, NBC and VOA Personality Dick Bertel Dies at 92

Longtime radio personality and executive Dick Bertel died on Monday (9/11) at the age of 92. During his career Bertel served as an executive at Voice of America, an NBC Radio News anchor, and announcer at WTIC-AM/WTIC-FM/WTIC-TV in Hartford, among others posts. His family says, “One of Bertel’s lasting legacies to the broadcasting industry is a collection of interviews about the pre-war heyday of radio network entertainment programming. From 1970 to 1977 he hosted ‘The Golden Age of Radio’ on WTIC which attracted some of radio’s greatest stars. Their accounts of their participation in early radio broadcasting constitutes an oral history which memorializes how radio dominated the American media culture before the advent of television.”


NAB2022: Don’t Blink

By Holland Cooke


LAS VEGAS — If you’re here this week, bear with me. I’m that guy in the row behind you, typing feverishly-enough to resemble the movie character racing the countdown readout to disarm a nuclear warhead about to detonate. If you’re not here, here’s why I am:

Megatrends in the U.S. Audio Listening Landscape

From Laura Ivey, Edison Research, with bullet points from the “Share of Ear” data her firm has been tracking since 2014: