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Afflicted Broadcaster Raising Awareness of Need for Organ Donors

Western Massachusetts broadcaster and public relations pro Mark Auerbach (pictured) has revealed his dramatic battle with stage 5 kidney disease in an effort to raise awareness of the need for organ donors andTalkers Magazine - WRFH-LP hopefully find a donor for his own situation. Auerbach hosts “ArtsBeat,” “On The Mark,” and “Athenaeum Spotlight,” on WCPC-TV 15 and WSKB, Westfield, MA. He’s also the ArtsBeat reporter for Pioneer Valley Radio. Auerbach says people can help by taking any of three steps: 1) becoming an organ donor upon your death; 2) consider donating while you’re alive (get details at; and 3) donating to him at Mass General Hospital’s living donors program ( If you choose the third option, please indicate that you are specifically interested in donating an organ to Mark Auerbach.