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WPHT, Philadelphia Presents Major Live On-Air “Mayoral Showcase”

In what is being described as a first in Philadelphia talk radio, Audacy’s WPHT presented a huge three-hour debate/discussion/showcase on Friday (2/24) involving six Democrats and one Republican running for mayor in the crime-stricken city. Hosted by the widely acknowledged “Dean of Philadelphia Talk Radio,” Dom Giordano, on his 12:00 noon – 3:00 pm radio program and Facebook video stream, the event is receiving praise from all quarters for its thoroughness and even-handedness. It was a historic talk radio feat to organize a live event with such a large number of candidates and particularly with that many Democrats on a conservatively oriented station. Due to the horrific violence in Philadelphia, the main conversations centered on public safety, support for police, and whether to retain the current police commissioner. Station feedback indicated many listeners outside the city limits welcomed the showcase because they acknowledged that crime in Philadelphia is bleeding over into the suburbs and a significant percentage of residents still want to work in and visit Philadelphia. Reflecting on the event, Giordano tells TALKERS, “This presentation required vision from Audacy and WPHT management, trust from the Democratic candidates, the willingness of listeners to analyze which Democrat would be best on public safety, and great dogged producing from Dan Borowski, our amazing executive producer.” 

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Pictured above are (from l-r): Giordano, Maria Quinones Sanchez and Derek Green.  Both Sanchez and Green are former city council members who recently resigned to run for mayor.