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Syndicated Radio Physician Dr. Asa Andrew Expands TV Footprint

Asa Andrew, M.D. – known to his growing audiences on radio and television as Doctor Asa – has just filmed his fifth reality health series. Titled, “Reversed,” the program focuses on the global challenges of diabetes and weight-related issues. Doctor Asa serves as the program’s executive producer as well as one of the lead talents. The latest installment was filmed in Costa Rica and will be released on Discovery later this year. Doctor Asa, in addition to his array of media products and roles, recently signed a deal with Impact Wrestling as a ringside physician “character.” He tells TALKERS, “The word ‘doctor’ is derived from the Latin word for ‘teacher’ and I view my varied roles in talk media as extensions of that concept.”

Pictured at the filming of “Reversed”: Doctor Asa (left) interviewing Tony Jimenez, M.D. (right) a leading cancer doctor. Doctor Asa will be one of 60 talk media speakers at the forthcoming TALKERS 2023 at Hofstra University on Friday, June 2. To register or obtain sponsorship information, call Barbara Kurland at 413-565-5413.