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Premiere and Patty Steele Launch New Podcast

Premiere Networks and award-winning broadcast radio star Patty Steele announce the launch of “The Backstory with Patty Steele” podcast. The program features Steele as she “enlightens and entertains listeners with a journey through pivotal moments in history and pop culture.” Some of the stories include a look at theim world-famous architect and the mass murders that took place at his home; how bathing suits went from 30 pounds of wet wool to the thong; the original Olympics with athletes competing completely in the nude; and an iconic inventor who actually stole his masterpiece. Steele says, “My fascination with these kinds of stories is all about a fun peek behind the curtain of what we think we know about famous folks, events and lifestyles. When we discover these incredible backstories, it’s a blast worth repeating to friends! I look forward to helping listeners deepen their connection to the past, so we can understand how we got to the present, and how to better map out our future.”