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TALKERS 2023: Video Posted of John Catsimatidis Addressing “AM Radio and the Automobile Industry”


During the coming days, videos of all of TALKERS 2023’s numerous sessions conducted June 2 at Hofstra University will be posted, continuing today (6/27) with the closing reception presentation, “AM Radio and the Automobile Industry.” The presentation, sponsored by The Ramsey Show and C. Crane, was delivered by WABC, New York/Red Apple Media owner John Catsimatidis. The extremely popular broadcasting, supermarket and energy mogul discussed the current AM radio/car issue rallying broadcasters to stand up to the auto industry and fight its current move to eliminate AM radios from cars.  He also discussed the importance of adhering to the tenets of “Freedom, Justice and the American Way” in talk radio broadcasting. He began his speech extolling the merits of “having fun” with your work. Check it out here! Pictured above is Catsimatidis joined at the podium by his wife and WABC co-owner Margo Catsimatidis at the conclusion of his address at TALKERS 2023.