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Ovies and Giglio Launch Podcast

The Charlotte Observer reports that former WCMC-FM, Raleigh sports talk hosts Joe Ovies and Joe Giglio are launching a podcast venture after being let go by WCMC owner Capitol Broadcasting last week. The duoim have started The OG Live Podcast Co to operate their business. They say the new podcast program, titled, “Ovies & Giglio,” will drop three times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings – on a YouTube channel. Giglio tells the paper, “We’re going to try to do what we’ve been doing, only on our own. The outpouring from both listeners and from our sources — coaches, administrators, commissioners, (Canes owner) Tom Dundon — that part has been overwhelming and obviously super encouraging at a time when we obviously needed it. So that’s kinda why we thought we could do this. We hope we can make the most of the chance that we have.” Read the Observer story here.