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PodcastOne Announces Deal to Offer Songs and Sounds for Podcasts

PodcastOne announces the integration of SourceAudio’s music licensing service, The company says, “This partnership revolutionizes podcasting, offering personalized and efficient tools for podcasters to discover and select sound designs seamlessly aligned with their shows. Byim incorporating SourceAudio’s cutting-edge AI technology to access top-tier movie and TV music catalogs of 1.2 million songs, PodcastOne aims to elevate the creative quality of their podcasts, providing audiences with an immersive and iconic audio experience.” PodcastOne co-founder and president Kit Gray states, “This partnership marks a significant leap forward in our commitment to delivering an unparalleled podcasting experience. By leveraging SourceAudio’s AI technology, we are empowering our podcasters to discover audio elements that resonate with the essence of their shows, creating a more engaging and immersive listening experience.”