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Tavis Smiley’s KBLA, Los Angeles Celebrates Second Anniversary

On Monday (6/19), Tavis Smiley’s SmileyAudioMedia, Inc celebrated the two-year anniversary of the launch of talk KBLA-AM, Los Angeles. The company says the station was built to “give disenfranchised citizens a voice in current political, social and cultural issues with empowering, sustainable and restorative language.” Tavisim Smiley adds, “We launched KBLA Talk 1580 on Juneteenth, two years ago, during the height of the COVID-19 health crisis. We’re extremely proud that in two short years, KBLA Talk 1580 has become a trusted community resource in Los Angeles and beyond. Our mission to enlighten, empower and encourage, resonates with our growing audience.” Additionally, over the past two years the company has launched SAM Digital, its own brand of white label products that are designed to help businesses and service providers reach an even wider audience, grow brand awareness, and increase sales by targeting specific audiences with direct messaging and by measuring the performance of their outreach campaigns. It also recently debuted the SmileyAudioMedia Podcast Network to expand beyond traditional radio broadcasting.