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Simon Says Happy 4th

Reagan Ranch
Each Independence Day, Simon Conway organizes a truly unique trip for his listeners. It’s on that special day that the afternoon drive talent on iHeartMedia Des Moines news/talk WHO “News Radio 1040” broadcasts his show from the deck of the historic Battleship Iowa – BB61. The fifty listeners (pictured below) who came on what Simon labels the “Freedom Tour” witnessed him fire five-inch guns in celebration of America’s birthday. The once in a lifetime celebration continued two days later as it was off to Southern California with the group visiting the famed Reagan Ranch, which Ronald Reagan used as the Western White House. As Conway points out, “You need an invitation to go there as it’s not open to the public. Before he went to Hollywood, President Reagan worked at two stations I broadcast on every day – [Davenport’s] WOC and my flagship station, WHO. We even get to have lunch on Ronnie and Nancy’s front lawn – it’s truly an honor.”