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Michael Harrison Discusses AI as Used to Create Stunning Images on New Gunhill Road Video

The historic rock band Gunhill Road, of which TALKERS founder Michael Harrison is a member, has just released a new advance track from its forthcoming fifth album. The song, “I Got a Line in New York City,” is a genre-bending combination of jazz, rock, and blues with a Broadway flair. Harrison serves as lead vocalist on the song which he co-wrote with his bandmates Steve GoldrichPaul Reisch and Brian Koonin. Further energized by its provocative music video, “I Got a Line in New York City” is slightly abstract and even mystical – while, simultaneously, heart-tugging and down-to-earth. The engaging narrative puts an ultra-modern-but-somewhat-retro twist on the classic story of a young person (Brando Young) whose lifelong dream of making it on the stage is dashed by the cold, harsh reality of the big time. HERE’S THE HOOK: The visual images that bring stunning dimension to the video were created by human artists – under the direction of the video’s producer, TALKERS associate publisher Matthew B. Harrison – tapping into the assistance of leading-edge generative AI on every panel. Michael Harrison states, “The experience of employing the assistance of ‘generative artificial intelligence’ to render these images of an ‘alternate universe’ version of the Big Apple, sprinkled with bizarre characters and weird technology, has been one of the most exciting, challenging, and educational experiences of my media career. I’m thrilled to be able to go out there now and talk about life-changing AI with this knowledge under my belt.” Harrison is embarking on a mini-media tour to discuss the AI aspect of the video and the sociological implications of this game changer.  To arrange a phone interview with Michael Harrison please call Barbara Kurland at 413-565-5413 or email  To view the video, please click here: