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Erick Erickson to Gathering of Politicians, Candidates, and Activists

WSB-AM/WSBB-FM, Atlanta-based talk radio personality Erick Erickson is presenting a weekend event in Atlanta August 17-19 that brings together A-list politicians, presidential candidates and conservative issues activists. Erickson has previously hosted similar events under the banner of his RedState and The Resurgentim platforms. He says this year there are attendees from 47 states coming to the sold-out program. Erickson says, “This is the tenth of these I have done, and I have to thank Charlie, my producer, for doing so much of the heavy lifting while I have concentrated on doing my show. The format for each individually named speaker is a conversation on stage with me asking them questions from the attendees. The attendees will shortly receive a survey link where they can submit questions for me to incorporate into the conversations. The theme of the conference this year is ‘Forward: Which Way.’” 


Salem Rises to Prominence in Conservative Media

By Kevin Casey
TALKERS magazine
VP/Executive Editor


IRVING, Tex. — The last few years have brought enormous change to the media landscape and one of the bright lights in the sea of change is what’s been happening at Salem Media Group. Officials at the company say its rise to prominence in the conservative media arena has been building for more than 10 years. In fact, in April 2019, The Hollywood Reporter published an article titled, “How Salem has Quietly Become a Giant in Conservative Media.” In the three-plus years since, the Irving, Texas-based company has continued that trajectory and in many eyes verifies the claims in that piece. When it comes to conservative media, it’s impossible not to see Salem’s giant footprint.