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Monday Memo: Why Not Just Podcast?

By Holland Cooke

imI’m occasionally asked this by attorneys, real estate agents, personal finance advisors, and other local retail service professionals who are disappointed with results they’re getting from hosting weekend ask-the-expert call-in shows.

The Good News: Anyone can podcast.
The Bad News: Anyone can podcast.

That’s evident from the way many podcasts sound, without the planning and polish of a broadcast-quality presentation that demonstrates your expertise and comforting counsel.

So here’s Part 2 of the 2-part series that began here last week: Yes, DO podcast. Data from respected Edison Research demonstrates that podcasting attained “mainstream media” status back in 2016. So do accommodate your prospective clients’ appetite for on-demand media.


But who will know your podcast…exists? Lots of radio listeners and social media followers…IF the podcast is part of a coordinated multi-platform marketing strategy. A well-executed, well-promoted weekend show is the hub. Picture an octopus. The torso is the radio show. Appendages include podcasts – both whole hours on-demand and “snack-size” single topic solutions – and aircheck clips linked from social media posts, informative blog posts about issues callers raise, E-newsletter, etc.

Said another way: If the weekend show is a stand-alone, return-on-investment for brokering those hours can be dubious.

And – unlike hobbyist-sounding podcasters self-publishing in obscurity – you’re “real” because you’re on radio.

Holland Cooke ( is a consultant working at the intersection of broadcasting and the Internet. He is the author of “Spot-On: Commercial Copy Points That Earned The Benjamins,” a FREE download. Follow HC on Twitter @HollandCooke