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Baltimore Station Seeks GSM

A heritage radio station in Baltimore, MD is seeking a creative, hands-on manager with a passion for helping account executives develop their skills and meet and exceed company goals.

Candidates should have a record of success in media sales and management, experience selling a conservative talk format, and a strong background in digital sales. The ideal candidate should be an expert in coaching and developing all levels of sellers.

This is a full-time position with compensation to include salary, overrides, and incentives.

Please send your resume or contact information to

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FCC Adopts FM Booster Program

The FCC adopts changes to its rules that will allow FM booster stations to originate programming, subject to future adoption of processing, licensing, and service rules as proposed in the Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. The Commission notes that “FM boosters currently serve the limited purpose of rebroadcasting primary FM (or LPFM) stations in areas of poor reception. GeoBroadcast Solutions, LLC has developed technology that is designed to allow licensees of primary FM broadcast stations toim originate content using FM boosters and is intended to do so without raising the potential for harmful co-channel interference to the reception of the primary station’s signal outside the coverage area of the booster station or to previously authorized secondary stations.” GBS filed a petition on March 13, 2020,  proposing to give FM broadcasters the option to use boosters to originate programming to specific zones within their stations’ service area, proposing to allow program origination for a limited period totaling three minutes per hour… During that limited period, GBS proposes that the FCC allow the booster to originate geo-targeted advertisements, promotions for upcoming programs, and other hyper-localized content, suggesting it would benefit small and minority-owned broadcasters, because potential advertisers that currently find it prohibitively expensive to buy spots reaching a radio station’s whole service area might purchase lower-cost airtime reaching a more targeted area, thereby becoming a new source of station revenue.”

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Pending Business: Will Video Save the Radio Star?

By Steve Lapa
Lapcom Communications Corp

imWill video save the radio star? I hope so.

The tea leaves have become abundantly clear. Start understanding the impact of stand-alone video offered by your radio station or forever consider yourself outdated. Are you listening, all you great programming and production gurus out there in talk radio land. The up-and-coming generation is in line to take over and we had better start shifting the development wheels into hyper-gear today.

Everything new is new and everything old is suspect. Think about this:

1. How many times have you logged into Facetime or your favorite video platform purely for the sake of staying in touch? An entire generation is being raised on video calls and remote work. Can linear talk radio carve out a future in this video intense environment?

2. I can hear the old school managers barking, “There will always be in-car listening.” True, but commute times and days are changing regularly with remote work becoming the norm. In-car audio listening is changing before your very ears.

3. Have you digested the most recent research metrics? Sorry old schoolers, the days of 95% of homes listening to terrestrial radio are over. Ever watch the preschoolers ask Alexa or Google to read them a book?

4. Young parents under 40 are now limiting “screen time.” The key word is “limit.” Doesn’t that speak volumes?

How do we turn video integration into a sales winner for radio?

1. Stop denying the trend. Embrace the wave and ride it to profitability.

2. Focus on what sells. That “security camera” look in the on-air studio is embarrassing. Start having a real dialogue internally about what it takes to win dollars in this newly competitive world.

3. Reinvent yourself. Do not be slow to move forward. This video world moves at hyper speed and leaves laggards in the dust.

4. Not everyone will make the cut. Some of your talent will work better in the video world than others. Remember this is all relatively new to terrestrial radio. As your team navigates the way through these uncharted waters communication is critical.

The foundation is still solid. Many advertisers are comfortable with radio/audio that delivers the results they expect. Those advertisers are the rock-solid foundation every radio station needs. But eyes on the future are important as we all deal with single digit growth in competitive sales markets around the country.

Steve Lapa is the president of Lapcom Communications Corp. based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Lapcom is a media sales, marketing, and development consultancy. Contact Steve Lapa via email at:

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Pending Business: Baked-In?

By Steve Lapa
Lapcom Communications Corp

imIs that host read you are pitching “baked-in?”

No, I am not talking baked in the content, as in before the break with all the produced commercials. I am talking about “baked-in” the audio that will live on as long as that show is available.

Still confused? You should ask someone who has handled an actual audio podcast avail. Some advertisers and their ad agencies are shaping the future and “baked-in” is a fundamental element of the new-think that is pushing the needle on podcast CPM, while your team struggles to compete for low CPM based on old school models that are dropping like flies.

The good news is that host read is still the gold standard that moves the listener to action. The bad news is radio station sellers are hanging onto older strategies that have little room in a future filled with millions of audio podcasts that contain no music and feature comedy, news, talk, opinion, lifestyle, sports, politics, entertainment, financial, medical, legal, self-help, religion, even foreign language – as in nothing but the human voice and a little production.

Sound familiar? I call it the great sales equalizer: the host read.

So how can this magical host read have such a dramatic impact in this super-crowded environment, yet be so underappreciated on radio stations coast to coast? Let us look at the three legs of the sales stool that have never changed.

1. The seller. Most radio sellers are presenting the host read the same way they did since their first order. What is new, different, and exciting in the way you present your talent today?

2. The audience. Size matters, intimacy matters, performance matters. Can you demonstrate how your host-audience relationship fulfills those criteria and generates a response for your advertisers?

3. The inventory. Why do we still have the same number of host reads in every hour of a show? Anyone have the courage to vary the inventory or pricing throughout a show?

The podcast world is leading the way to a future filled with:

1. Baked-In host reads.
2. Pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll price differences.
3. Commercial inventory limits.
4. Impression delivery options that demonstrate clear accountability.

There is a bright future in audio sales that will look and feel different from what we take for granted today. Make sure you are on the right side of the wave and not stuck in the mud.

Steve Lapa is the president of Lapcom Communications Corp. based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Lapcom is a media sales, marketing, and development consultancy. Contact Steve Lapa via email at:

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Pending Business: Q2

By Steve Lapa
Lapcom Communications Corp

imHave we passed the disappointment of 2023?

If ad sales at your radio station finished last year up double digits (excluding digital) please skip past the next few paragraphs. If you’re in the same boat as most radio ad sellers across the country at various levels – i.e. local, national, syndication, network – last year was a struggle.

Now then, how is Q1 shaping up?

Are you making up for lost ground, like the airline business, automotive business, restaurants or are you still pushing that boulder uphill? Here is some straight-from-the-field unfiltered feedback:

1. Valentine’s Day at most restaurants was one of the busiest on record. People at the packed-in table next to ours waited two hours after sitting to be served. So much for a 6:45 pm reservation. They got free dessert. Seriously?

2. Travel is back, make no mistake about it. Discount airfares are a thing of the past on the big-name airlines. At 6’2” I really believe my knees should not be touching the seat in front of me in comfort class on most major airlines.

3. Try negotiating a new car deal this month. No, not the incentives on the 2023 models, I’m talking 2024 in 2024. As the goodfellows said back home, fuhgeddaboudit.

There is nothing wrong with trying to make up for the lost income of the Covid years. After all, testing the pricing upside in business is the American way. We pay more, tip more, and adjust. It is the Darwin theory eating into our wallets every day. So why are most broadcast radio sales teams at all levels still throwing it against the wall to see what sticks? I see it every day in my marketing work. We have lost touch with the excitement, the “wow” factor, the customizations, the basic intangibles of selling the great talent we represent.

Let us learn from other successful businesses. Travel pitches pent-up demand, restaurants make sure you will get the special occasion marketing message no matter where you are, and the auto business, well the ships and chips are in!

What do we not understand about the current weakness in our broadcast radio sales strategy?

1. How current is your value proposition? Successful podcasters like Joe Rogan and Alex Cooper along with YouTubers, Facebook, Instagram, and all social media have changed the game-forever. How does your value proposition stand out today?

2. Talk radio will not go away. Programmers and talent will learn what they need to adjust to refocus one of the great radio formats ever created since someone said, “Let’s play the top 40 songs over and over.”

3. Let us start re-thinking what broadcast radio sellers need to prioritize to make a difference-today.

Steve Lapa is the president of Lapcom Communications Corp. based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Lapcom is a media sales, marketing, and development consultancy. Contact Steve Lapa via email at:

Industry News

Cumulus Media’s Dallas-Fort Worth Stations Raised Record Sum for Local Charities

Cumulus Media announces that its Dallas-Fort Worth radio station group raised $2,696,127 for charities in the region during 2023, topping the 2022 total by more than $400,000. In the Dallas-Fort Worthim market, Cumulus operates news/talk WBAP-AM/FM, news/talk KLIF-AM/FM, sports talk KTCK-AM/FM and two country music brands. Cumulus regional vice president Dan Bennett says, “I can’t say enough about our air talent and programming team who understand that serving our community in Dallas-Fort Worth means raising awareness for organizations that give a lift to people who need it. They give so much of their time to make a difference and 2023’s efforts show the incredible results.”

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Radio Station in Kharkiv, Ukraine Shines as Informational and Psychological Lifeline for Beleaguered Population

As World Radio Day 2024 approaches (2/13), a radio station has emerged that is serving as what TALKERS founder Michael Harrison describes as “an informational and psychological lifeline for a beleaguered population being challenged daily for its very survival.” Over the past month, Ukraine’s second-largest city located a mere 24 miles from the Russian border has taken the brunt of the enemy’s missile campaign, which has killed and wounded dozens of people, blown up buildings and unnerved everyone. It’s an almost daily torment. To vent, Kharkiv’s residents have a dedicated outlet: Radio Boiling Over, a new FM station. In a thorough report published this weekend by The New York Times (1/20) written by correspondents Andrew E. KramerMaria Varenikova and Tyler Hicks, the situation is fully described and deserves the attention of broadcasters around the world.  Excerpt: “This is Boiling Over in the Morning,” Volodymyr Noskov, the host of the morning call-in show, said on a recent broadcast. “What are you boiling over about today?” In Kharkiv, a sprawling city of universities and factories, coping has taken many forms. Nearly two years into the war, the city is opening schools underground. Psychologists visit strike sites to calm residents. Plywood goes up immediately over blown-out windows. “Keep Calm and Carry On Studying,” reads a sign at the entrance to one university. Amid the carnage, Radio Boiling Over, which went on the air a year ago, is becoming one of the most popular local media outlets. It serves as a megaphone for the fears and frustrations that simmer within a population under near constant assault. Read the entire story here.

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Lisa Polizzi Named WBEN-AM, Buffalo Brand Manager

Audacy names Lisa Polizzi brand manager for news/talk WBEN-AM, Buffalo. In this role, Polizzi will oversee the station’s content strategy, talent, operations, and branding. She was a longtime newsim director at WIVB-TV, Buffalo and served as a weekend anchor at WBEN-AM in 2002 and at sister WGR-AM in 1999. Audacy Buffalo SVP and market manager Tim Wenger states, “Lisa’s extraordinary background in leading award-winning content generation in local television news will be invaluable for WBEN as it continues to evolve as the radio station that’s always there when the community needs it the most. I look forward to Lisa taking an already stellar brand to new heights.”

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Welcome to No Brand Land!

imConsultant Gary Begin of Sound Advantage Media writes today in a piece for TALKERS magazine in which he says that quite often there is a disconnect between the brand of a radio station and the brand-supporting messages that the sales staff is presenting to prospects. He says, “Experts in branding seem to be coming around to the idea that the power to make or break your brand-building effort lies not in the quality of your advertising but in the customer’s experience at the point of sale. In radio, that’s your over-the-air product and how your ad rep handles the advertiser.” He adds, “To navigate and successfully cross No Brand’s Land effectively, marketers must start by adapting brand message creation and delivery to today’s strategic sales processes.” He says there are two trends that will drive marketers’ efforts to create brand-supporting content that helps salespeople sell.” Read about them in his column here.

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Monday Memo: We Don’t Just Do Live Audio Anymore

By Holland Cooke

What used to be “a radio station” is now the hub of live AND on-demand audio AND video AND text and graphics. As we populate all the platforms with which we share listeners’ attention (and advertisers’ do-re-mi), I’ve gathered tips from the pros:


Holland Cooke ( is a consultant working at the intersection of broadcasting and the Internet. He is the author of “Close Like Crazy: Local Direct Leads, Pitches & Specs That Earned the Benjamins” and “Confidential: Negotiation Checklist for Weekend Talk Radio.” Follow HC on Twitter @HollandCooke

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Pending Business: When it Matters Most

By Steve Lapa
Lapcom Communications Corp

imIt may seem impossible, but you need to stay in your lane.

As we live through another dark chapter in world history, staying focused on what we do in sales and marketing will be a nearly impossible challenge. We live in a 24/7, always-on world constantly updating everything from everywhere.

As we work on the sales, marketing and management side, the news/talk and information programming side are in hyper mode logging on, weighing in, competing to never miss a beat. I remember when time stood still as the events of 9/11 shocked the world and time stood still. Talk radio hosts, producers and news departments tried their best to digest the events and offer some level of understanding to a listening audience. For the first time ever, the mainland of the United States of America had been attacked.

And here we are, frozen again. This time the events unfolded halfway around the world. Once again shock, unspeakable actions, thousands of innocent deaths, massive destruction. If you have been doing this long enough, we do have some level of experience with shocking events.

Once again, our talk radio hosts, producers and news teams will be a go-to source for millions of listeners across the country. How do we stay focused, selling, marketing, prospecting as local communities react to all this that is unfolding halfway around the world?

— Our thoughts and prayers are with those in harm’s way. As difficult as it may be, try and keep the opinionated politics away from your sales process.

— Keep the conversation neutral. A challenge for sure. If you are prepared there’s always positive to bring to your sales call.

— The calendar never quits. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, are all around the corner and with that a last-minute marketing opportunity.

— Why are 66% of the U.S. adults over 40 overweight?  Blame the men, we always skew those numbers. Just helping with a little small talk …

As challenging as the next few days and weeks may become, your news/talk radio station will become an important resource for adults on the go who need to know. As you formulate your presentations, stay focused on the unique benefits only your radio station’s lineup can deliver in times of crisis. Your on-air talent have earned the trust of the audience the old-fashioned way…. by being there when it mattered most.

Steve Lapa is the president of Lapcom Communications Corp. based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Lapcom is a media sales, marketing, and development consultancy. Contact Steve Lapa via email at:

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Pending Business: Nobody Cut Their Way to the Top

EDITORS NOTE:  In addition to conveying a powerful message, the article below by industry expert, consultant and TALKERS contributor Steve Lapa contains a tremendous limited-time opportunity for the readers of this publication to partake in a free offer to receive a valuable radio sales support tool.  We strongly suggest that readers involved in any way with radio sales read this article and take advantage of Steve Lapa’s offer at the end of the piece.    

By Steve Lapa
Lapcom Communications Corp

imRadio station personnel could be facing the worst environment – ever!

Endless bankruptcy headlines. Painful personnel cuts. Soaring retail prices. A number of radio companies are struggling, preparing for the worst and there is no cavalry in sight. No matter where we start sorting through the current tsunami of problems, every solution typically ends up in the same place: more income.

I could never understand why we don’t just cut to the chase. It would be a lot more efficient and a lot less painful if we all agreed on one premise – nobody cut their way to the top. Cost conscious, attention to expense detail and planned expansion is one thing… however destroying motivation, morale, passion and attraction for the radio business is fatal. Yet we continue to repeat the same mistakes. What do they say about doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different outcome?

Imagine if you invented the medium today. Simple advertiser pitch: reach 83-90% of the US population for a CPM lower than your favorite Starbucks drink. Yet, radio still has the never-ending low man on the electronic media totem pole advertising image. Consider all those direct response advertisers who started on radio and “graduate” to TV. Where were the radio sellers partnered with creators focused on performance? It’s a mess, I know. What does it take to power through a mess like the one we are in now? How do we come out the other side generating income for our companies, our families, and ourselves?

Start by looking in the mirror. Re-commit to getting your skills razor sharp and get your focus laser targeted. If you are a seller, manager or owner, re-educate yourself. If you are on the programming or on-air side, passionate about your content, help your sellers and managers. Time to learn the skills necessary to help your team and yourself at the same time. The radio business is becoming so undervalued and distressed, beaten down by too much debt and not enough disciplined, strategic thinking.

Let me step up. I AM WILLING  to share my 40+ years of proven sales and management performance system with you for FREE. No risk, no exchange of dollars, because if we do not fix the radio problem NOW, we all go down together. Radio companies are preparing for the worst. Stop waiting, stop hoping. Go to and take advantage of my offer to help. Sellers, managers, owners, new-think programmers and talents, time to mount up and join the radio cavalry!

Steve Lapa is the president of Lapcom Communications Corp. based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Lapcom is a media sales, marketing, and development consultancy. Contact Steve Lapa via email at:

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Pending Business: Get Your Head Straight

By Steve Lapa
Lapcom Communications Corp

imAre you a multiplatform juggler? If you sell or manage for a radio station, the answer is yes.

Why? Because it’s been part of the radio ad sales DNA since radio advertising shrunk to single digit growth.

Maybe someone reading this column can research or remember the last time radio industry pre-pandemic ad sales grew at double digits. It’s a tough putt, for sure.

Radio sellers were the first to reach across the aisle and “cross-sell” event sponsorships, concert tie-ins, publications, prize catalogues, bridal fairs, recruitment fairs, half-off fairs, sports and leisure tie-ins, hurricane guides, meet and greets, and it all started with a simple concept called a “remote.”

Radio ad sales strategy has come a long way since the first five-year plan had no projected double-digit growth. Even worse was the negative growth forecast for many markets. I remember that famous local market slogan “last one out, please turn off the lights.”

Those simple, linear, fun-to-present packages that required nothing more than easy-to-follow graphics, reasonable pricing, and a testimonial letter required little training, re-skilling, and new technical understanding. The toughest questions were about electrical outlets, display details, and when do we load in?

Covid killed some of those income generators, but you can add in pre-pandemic tired, low-energy sellers and managers taking concepts for granted as the final nail in the coffin.

Wait a minute. Aren’t brides still making decisions? Is inflation driving us back to coupons and looking for daily deals? Seems like sports-related advertising always thrives, right?

Some concepts will return, others will be reimagined, and a few are gone forever. Back to the future. Digital and social media sales will shape your sales future whether you like it or not. The digital/social media growth trend is moving at a non-stop, double-digit pace, pushing every competitive sales team to learn more and sell faster.

Smart, energetic thinkers are planning the next move, reshaping the past for what will sell tomorrow. It’s been almost 25 years since the first Blackberry phone. Sometimes innovation leaves iconic concepts in the dust. Here is where all of this goes. Get your attitude ready to learn and earn.

— Your glass is never full. The next time a manager introduces a new opportunity open your thinking

— Ask questions. Remember “new” is a powerful sales world door opener. Be sure YOU know how this new opportunity works. Leave your ego outside the sales meeting.

— Local advertisers like a competitive edge. Procter & Gamble built the most successful package goods marketing in the world with “New and Improved.” Learn from the legacy winners.

Managers and sellers want to win new business. Are you prepared to learn how?

Steve Lapa is the president of Lapcom Communications Corp. based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Lapcom is a media sales, marketing, and development consultancy. Contact Steve Lapa via email at: Steve Lapa will be moderating the “Generating Revenue” panel at TALKERS 2023 on Friday, June 2 at Hofstra University.

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Pending Business: Obstacles to Sales Productivity

By Steve Lapa
Lapcom Communications Corp

imWhat will hurt your chances of sales success more, graduating from a low-ranked college or attending too many inefficient sales meetings?

Not exactly a trick question, but enough to make you stop and think.

Remember when having a top-tier college degree was all that mattered? A recent article in the L.A.Times recalled the classic 1999 study that proved where you received your college degree really didn’t affect your career, except for maybe the networking part, maybe not. The bottom line is you don’t need a degree from Harvard to earn a respectable income as a top seller or manager in the media industry.

On the other hand, attend or lead too many inefficient sales meetings and the result may be a career killer.

The recently released 2023 Microsoft Work Trend Report is a wakeup call for every seller and manager in any business, especially ours. The top five “Obstacles to Productivity” in the report read like a what-not-to-do if you are a leader or hope to lead a sales team in the future. There are even a few warning signs if you are a team member struggling to cope with rudderless sales meetings. Let’s review some takeaways from the report and learn how to right the ship before you take on too much water.

— Goals. Every meeting should have clear, simple, actionable goals presented in an easy-to-understand form. The seller should know exactly what action points to implement to improve performance. Can you check the box?

— Perspired or inspired? Every week I talk to a seller working for one of the larger broadcast groups who feels the ready, fire, aim of product overload. Many radio station sellers can sell anything in any market that belongs to the company represented. Would a sales rep at Home Depot in Florida sell you a snow shovel with the same expertise as a rep in Buffalo? How come the biggest companies in the radio business barely surviving on the NYSE don’t learn from the companies that sell at almost $300 a share.

— Soft sales = more meetings. Seriously? In the age of Zoom, Teams, etc. the 2023 Microsoft Work Trend Report still identified “Too many meetings” as one of the top 5 obstacles to productivity. Can we all just hit the pause button on old-school command and control meeting overload? There is a difference between re-skilling and repeating old material. There is a difference between re-strategizing and re-selling a rejected concept.

The AM radio business is in the emergency room in desperate need of a fresh approach to sales. FM radio could be next. Are you looking forward to your next sales meeting?

Steve Lapa is the president of Lapcom Communications Corp. based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Lapcom is a media sales, marketing, and development consultancy. Contact Steve Lapa via email at: Steve Lapa will be moderating the “Generating Revenue” panel at TALKERS 2023 on Friday, June 2 at Hofstra University.

Industry News

KMG Networks to Distribute “Podcast Radio” to U.S. Stations

U.S. firm KMG Networks is partnering with UK-based broadcaster Tindle Media Group to serve as distributor for the American version of the radio station format “Podcast Radio” that is expected to commence in the spring of this year. Tindle Media Group says, “Podcast Radio launched three years ago in the UK and uses the trustGraphics - Logo and familiarity people have for their local radio stations to help them sample and choose from curated podcasts. Podcast Radio broadcasts 24/7 online and via app and smart speakers. It is monetized by selling traditional on-air advertising and sponsorships, inserting commercials into its online audio stream, partnering with international content makers, and making original podcasts and bespoke audio content that resonate with audiences.”

Job Opportunity

KBLA, Los Angeles Seeks Brand Manager

Smiley Audio Media is seeking a brand manager for its Los Angeles talk station KBLA “TALK 1580.” The company says it seeks “a radio executive responsible for developing, closing, and maintaining advertising accounts for the radio station. Other duties include preparing and doing follow-up on media schedules,Logo - Graphics production, proposals and completing all CRM and management required reports for the company. KBLA is looking for a savvy, highly motivated sales professional to join our team selling traditional, digital, and event marketing solutions in Los Angeles for the only Black talk radio station west of the Mississippi. Our ideal candidate is a goal-oriented, relentless hunter who drives to win new business and has a track record of exceeding monthly goals. If you are passionate about selling, have a deep knowledge of marketing principles and products, and possess excellent presentation and closing skills, then we’d love to talk to you!


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Pending Business: Don’t Take Your Air Talent for Granted

By Steve Lapa
Lapcom Communications Corp

Photography - SearchingI’ll bet dollars to doughnuts the updated sales facts below are nowhere to be found in your radio station’s collateral material. This bold challenge is in front of you today as a wakeup call before the calendar becomes your frenemy.

The traditional calendarized selling events are about to begin starting with Valentine’s Day and you need to be current. Ratings, on-air lineup, and outside marketing may be out of your control but sharpening your selling skills and updating presentation materials is totally a selfie.

I’ve used many “wow” stats on sales calls – sometimes together, sometimes separately – but they’re always an important part of the pitch. Radio metric showstoppers with local appeal are mission critical in today’s fast-moving sales environment. Here’s a three-point, freshen-up to be integrated strategically when packaging or in stand-alone radio presentations. Use them or lose them, but at least choose to consider them.

— Nearly 80% of listeners say they would try a product or service recommended by their favorite radio personality, so says The Power of Local Radio Personalities study published by Katz last year. Now that is one heavy duty number! Careful about making this a universal, across-the-board statistic. Recommending a retirement community to the Gen Z audience is a non-starter. But when the radio talent is talking to that 55+ crowd in the right talk radio environment, that sound you hear is the phone lighting up with leads. When great creative is delivered by a great radio personality the audience comes alive.

— “79% of on-line searches are initially prompted with hearing an ad on radio,” according to Harvard Media, a Canadian marketing firm. The hard number may seem high for many of us, but the concept of using radio to enhance a multi-platform campaign, especially at the local level, is a tried-and-true formula. Call the concept what you will – media mix, multi-channel/platform – consistent messaging across the board delivers results.

— Digital disconnects. Ad blockers are in. According to a recent Hubspot survey update, 64% of ad blocker users say ads are intrusive while another 54% say ads are disruptive. Talk about negativity compared to the nearly 80% of radio listeners who consider their favorite personalities a trusted friend. We all want to hear what our friends have to say!

Chances are your basic sales materials are 2022 rollovers. Freshen up your look and give yourself a new reason to make the next call.

Steve Lapa is the president of Lapcom Communications Corp. based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Lapcom is a media sales, marketing, and development consultancy. Contact Steve Lapa via email at:

Industry News

Hubbard Radio Rebrands KNUS-HD2 as Tulalip Sportsbook Radio

Hubbard Radio announces the rebrand of digital sports gambling channel, KNUC-HD2, Seattle to “Tulalip Sportsbook Radio, Powered by Tulalip Resort Casino and Quil Ceda Creek Casino.” Hubbard calls it “the firstLogo - Font sportsbook branded radio station in the country.” Hubbard Seattle market manager Trip Reeb says, “We’re thrilled to bring this first-of-its-kind partnership to this market and radio industry. Building on our long and successful partnership with Tulalip Resort Casino allows for countless cross promotional opportunities as well as the ability to capitalize on the rapid expansion we’ve seen in the sports betting space, as well as the specialized sports betting content VSiN delivers.”