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Daily Soap Operas Being Set for Radio Syndication

A startup radio syndication firm SoapKast launched by Andrew Pemberton-Fowler has developed a soon-to-be-released daily, one-hour program titled, “The SoapKast Hour.”  Each installment of the show consists of two original radio soap operas, “Kingsport” and “Affairs of the Heart,” targeted for what is being described asim “modern audiences.” According to Pemberton-Fowler, “‘The SoapKast Hour’ targets women 24-59 who are looking for daily original, high-quality drama. ‘The SoapKast Hour’ will keep audiences coming back day after day to hear the unfolding drama of ‘Kingsport,’ a story about unhappy people searching for happiness, and ‘Affairs of the Heart,’ an uneasy tale about class, wealth, and money set in a small college town.” The show will be available to stations via barter with 10 local and eight national spots per episode. Interested stations can learn more by calling 323-316-0342 or email sales@soapkast.comListen to a demo here.