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ViceTV’s Dark Side of the 2000s Looks at “Shock Jock” Wars

The ViceTV series “Dark Side of the 2000s” delves into the rivalry between radio personalities Howard Stern, Erich “Mancow” Muller and Opie & Anthony in episodes 5 and 6 titled, “Shock Jocks Part 1: The Rise” andim “Shock Jocks Part 2: The Fall.” Through interviews with major players in the radio and entertainment industries, including TALKERS magazine publisher Michael Harrison, the story of the growth of male-targeted “FM talk” along with the vicious battles that took place between the major players is told. ViceTV is on a number of on-demand services. The episodes are also behind a paywall at

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TheVerge: Why iHeartMedia’s Conal Byrne is Bullish on Podcasting

Conal Byrne, the CEO of iHeartMedia Digital Audio Group, spoke with Nilay Patel about the podcasting industry at TheVerge’s recent Hot Pod Summit. In the wide-ranging interview, Byrne says iHeartMedia’s structure with its radio group part of the Multiplatform Division and podcasting part of the Digital Audio Group does not limit how the two interact. “To be clear though, there’s a whole lot of fluidity between these segments.Conal Byrne - iHeartMedia One thousand or so of the sellers that I mentioned sit in the multi-platform group, and they certainly sell all the assets we have. We have this mantra at the company that ‘Any seller can sell anything any day of the week wherever they live and work,’ and that has rung pretty true. That’s driven most of our growth in podcasting over the last two, three, four years at the company.” He also credits iHeartMedia’s history as a radio company with educating him about how radio personalities have developed the art of conversation. “But I have learned firsthand and talked a lot about the extent to which broadcast radio talent has honed this craft of conversation over the last hundred years and certainly the last few decades, and the extent to which that has driven our medium, just sheer talent hitting the medium, but also with an awareness of the medium.” Read the full story here.