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Rick Cummings Retires from Full-Time Post at Emmis Corporation

Related to the story above, 43-year Emmis Corporation programming executive Rick Cummings announces that he’ll retire from full-time employment with the company as of Friday (9/1). He will remain a consultant with Emmis. Cummings was Emmis Broadcasting’s first program director at flagship station WENS-FM, Indianapolisim in 1981. He eventually rose to become president of the radio division in 2002, overseeing more than 20 radio stations. In 2008, he became president of programming for Emmis’ domestic radio group. Cummings comments, “Save my immediate family, nothing has given me more joy in life than working for Jeff (Smulyan) and Emmis. This company has afforded me extraordinary professional and personal opportunities, here and abroad, that no kid from rural Indiana could ever have imagined. I am eternally grateful for this and the future as Emmis allows me to continue in a consulting role. As I told Jeff, ‘I’ll work for you until they carry one of us out!’”