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WWO: Your Audio Campaign Can Be Measured

This week’s blog post from the Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group reveals data that was presented during a panel at the recent Association of National Advertisers Audio Summit. The analysis of a campaign for IT services company CDW by attribution measurement firm LeadsRx, it was determined thatWestwood One - Westwood One “while AM/FM radio represented only 16% of the media budgets, AM/FM radio generated 25% of site and search traffic.” Further, it discovered that “AM/FM radio delivered +58% greater site traffic than its share of spend. In contrast, TV delivered -11% less conversion lift than its share of the budget.” A Nielsen sales effect study of a campaign for a major retailer matched Portable People Meter panel data with credit card data to reveal how TV and AM/FM radio impacted sales. The AM/FM radio-only segment, those consumers only reached by the AM/FM radio campaign, had 3 times the sales lift of the consumers reached by the TV ads. Consumers only exposed to the TV ads generated a +4.6% sales increase. Those who saw both the TV ads and the AM/FM radio ads had a +4.8% sales lift. The segment only exposed to the AM/FM radio ads had an outsized +13.4% increase in sales. You can see the whole blog post here.