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Kansas Law Allows Streaming of High School Post-Season Athletics

The Kansas legislature passes a bill allowing local broadcasters to video stream all post‐season high school events in the state, regardless of exclusive agreements entered into by the Kansas State High School Activities Association. The legislation came about as a result of frustrated broadcasters who were being banned from video streaming the most important games of the year. Unlike regular season, where high schools retain the rights to their activities, KSHSAA owns the rights to all post‐season games and state For the last several years, KSHSAA has opted into agreements with third parties that prevented local broadcasters from video-streaming games when the exclusive partner opted to do so. Kansas Association of Broadcasters president Allison Mazzei states, “I’m pleased that now, in post‐season, friends and families of student athletes will have access to free, quality coverage from the same broadcasters who cover their teams all season long. Local high school sports should be covered by local broadcasters. Our broadcasters depend on the revenue generated from high school sports coverage to stay on air and provide local news, weather, entertainment, and emergency alerts that communities depend on.” The KAB also notes students interested in pursuing careers in radio broadcast will also benefit from the legislation. Previously, if a local station was prohibited from video streaming a post‐season game, so were their student workers. Now, students will be able to cover all of their school’s activities regardless if it takes place in post season.