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Audacy Shareholders Approve Reverse Stock Split

Audacy filed a Form 8-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday (5/26) that details the actions taken during the company’s annual shareholders meeting on May 24. Among the actions shareholders approved was the “approval of an amendment to the company’s Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation to permit the company to effect a reverse stock split of its outstanding Class A and Class Bim Common Stock, at a ratio with a range between one-for-two and one-for-30, subject to and as determined by a committee appointed by the board of directors.” This action comes after Audacy received notice from the New York Stock Exchange that it is commencing proceedings to delist the company’s Class A Common Stock from the exchange due to Audacy’s stock reaching “an abnormally low selling price.” Trading of Audacy’s Class A Common Stock was halted on May 16 after the share price fell about 12% to $0.09 per share. Now, the NYSE will apply to the Securities and Exchange Commission to delist the company’s common stock pending completion of applicable procedures. Trading of Audacy’s common stock on the NYSE is suspended but the common stock will continue to be able to be traded over the counter. With the value of Audacy’s Class A Common Stock at less than $0.10 per share, the reverse stock split would have to be at least more than a 1-for-10 split in order for the share price to be over $1.00 per share.