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NAB Sides with Canadian Broadcasters in Meta News Blocking

The National Association of Broadcasters, in response to Meta blocking news on Facebook and Instagram for Canadian users after the passage of Canada’s Online News Act, joins the Canadian Association of Broadcasters in decrying the move. NAB president Curtis LeGeyt and CAB president Kevin Desjardins say in a joint statement, “As national associations representing broadcasters in the U.S. and Canada, the Nationalim Association of Broadcasters and the Canadian Association of Broadcasters strongly urge lawmakers to support legislation that enables news providers to negotiate with dominant digital platforms for fair terms and conditions when our content appears on their platforms. Meta – a nearly trillion-dollar company – repeatedly chooses to restrict news content for its users to avoid compensating news producers for the value it gains on their vital journalism. These retaliatory tactics demonstrate Meta’s monopolistic dominance over the advertising marketplace and its ability to dictate how radio and TV broadcasters, newspapers and others can reach audiences online. Rather than working to ensure its users have access to trusted news and information, Meta is holding news content on its platform hostage. Policymakers should not reward Meta’s coercive behavior. At a time when misinformation, disinformation and AI-generated content proliferate online, the future of democracy relies on the accessibility of fact-based, trustworthy journalism.”