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Wayne Allyn Root, “We Did This!”

Las Vegas-based, nationally syndicated talk radio host Wayne Allyn Root celebrates the 8th anniversary of his talk radio show (2/7). The anniversary coincides with the Nevada GOP primary that saw GOPim candidate Nikki Haley come in behind “None of the Above Candidates.” (“None of the Above Candidates” is choice that has been on Nevada ballots since 1975.)  Root tells TALKERS that he came up with the strategy of convincing his audience to vote “None of the Above” to support Donald Trump and claims, “This is Exhibit A for the power of talk radio. Look at the vote totals. The number of ‘None of the Above’ voters almost exactly matches the number of listeners to my Vegas and statewide Nevada radio show. We did this. My Nevada audience almost single-handedly ended Nikki’s presidential ambitions.”