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Audacy Feeling Out Users’ Interest in Paid, Commercial-Free Tier

According to a report by Matthew Keys at The Desk, Audacy has begun surveying users of its digital platform to see what they might be willing to pay for commercial-free streaming of its content. Keys writes, “The plan would see Audacy replace commercial breaks on its traditional AM and FM radio stations with ‘exclusive content like additional news, interviews or songs, all while remaining in sync with the live broadcast.’… The survey asked Audacy listeners to choose how much they’d be willing to pay for commercial-free radio, with the prices starting at $1 per month and going as high as $11 a month, according to a copy of the survey reviewed by The Desk. A follow-up question presented a similar list of options, but asked users to weigh in on the maximum price they’d be willing to pay before they thought a premium radio subscription was too expensive.” Read the story here.