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KMET Legend “Paraquat” Kelley Reaches Out from Hospital Bed for Ukraine

For a decade and a half back in the 70s and 80s, now-defunct Metromedia album rocker KMET was a dominant musical and cultural force in Southern California. Memories of the historic station still reverberate today among its former staff and thousands of listeners. One of the stand-out personalities in the station’s amazing stable of talent was the dynamic and quirky newsman/morning co-host, Patrick “Paraquat” Kelley.  Tragically, 22 years ago, Kelley, a once-dynamic figure, was diagnosed with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis leaving him today a total quadriplegic in residence at the Motion Picture Hospital in Woodland Hills, CA.  Kelley sent the following text and accompanying photo to TALKERS:

T-Shirt - Outerwear
For my friends. The Mighty Met LIVES!!!  Paraquat Kelley reporting from my hospital bed at the Motion Picture Hospital in Woodland Hills, CA. As many of you know, Progressive Multiple Sclerosis has left me a total quadriplegic… but my brain still functions.  There’s no way we can witness the mass murder of the residents of Ukraine and not want to help. I have a caregiver here who’s from Ukraine and the pictures are of her nephew who’s a doctor at a hospital in Kiev that’s been the target of Russian missile strikes.  I gave her the T-shirt and cap so that it would authenticate my request.  We can all help.  They may have pulled the plug on the station but they can’t touch our hearts.  Click on the link to donate and pass it on. Whoo-ya!!!