Monday Memo: Identify ‘Piano Movers’

By Holland Cooke


BLOCK ISLAND, RI — Question for sales reps…and Side-Hustle Alert for talent: What is difficult for most people but comes easy to you?

  • Example: Piano movers. My brother-in-law, an engineer with a 4-digit IQ, moved one from room-to-room at home; and it was an intricate daylong maneuver involving skateboards and cinderblocks that no mere mortal should attempt. Somehow, he and my nephew pulled it off.
  • Example: My dentist sent me to another dentist, in the same building, for a root canal. My guy knows how to do one, and had previously done one for me in a pinch. But that doc upstairs does nothing-but. She has super-microscopic eyewear and other specialty instruments.