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Fred Toucher Returns to “98.5 The Sports Hub”

WBZ-FM, Boston “98.5 The Sports Hub” morning drive personality Fred Toucher returned to the program on Thursday after a medical leave of absence to deal with a throat problem that was affecting his voice. Co-hostim Rich Shertenleib had taken a sick day, so the two haven’t worked together since Toucher accused his co-workers of not reaching out to him while he dealt with what was thought to be a cancer scare. He was ultimately diagnosed with leukoplakia, something that can be caused by smoking. Toucher told his listeners, “I have two pieces of advice: Do not smoke and get a second opinion. They thought that I had cancer. If you saw pictures of the original thing they took of my throat, there was a big lump on my vocal cord, like a big lump. I wasn’t supposed to talk for two weeks. And now it just turns out to be Leukoplakia.”