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NAB Announces 2024 Crystal Award Winners

The National Association of Broadcasters announces the 10 winners of the 37th annual NAB Crystal Radio Awards that recognize radio stations for their exceptional year-round commitment to community service. This year’s 2024 NAB Crystal Radio Award recipients were chosen from 50 previously announced finalists. They include news/talk KFI, Los Angeles; sports talk KMVP-FM, Phoenix; news/talk KSL-AM/FM, Salt Lake City; talk WHPT-FM, Tampa Bay; and news/talk WNRP-AM, Pensacola. See the complete list of winners here.

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CBS News is presenting the Labor Day special “Workers Across America,” hosted by Gil Gross. The three-hour show investigates the future of organized labor, the re-thinking of the importance of a college degree, toxic co-workers, how AI will radically change the workplace and more.

Bonneville’s news/talk KTAR-FM “News 92.3 FM” and sports talk KMVP-FM “Arizona Sports” hosted the 15th annual Phoenix Children’s Give-A-Thon August 14-18 and raised $2,168,483 to support care at Phoenix Children’s. Bonneville Phoenix SVP and market manager Ryan Hatch states, “It is incredible to see $2.16 million raised through powerful storytelling that inspires our generous community to step up for the kids in Arizona. We are so grateful for our caring audiences, sponsors, team partners, and the hundreds of volunteers for their wonderful support of Give-A-Thon.”

iHeartMedia and the NFL announce an exclusive multi-year deal to bring “The Fantasy Footballers Dynasty Show” podcast to the NFL Podcast Network. A spin-off of the “Fantasy Footballers Show” started in 2014 by hosts Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike Wright, the recently launched podcast dives into the Dynasty world of fantasy football including NFL rookie scouting, NFL draft coverage, Dynasty draft advice, player breakdowns and more.

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Long Returns to Bonneville Phoenix to Program Talk Stations; Maurer Upped to KTAR PD

Bonneville Phoenix announces that programming pro Brian Long returns to the company as director of programming operations for the cluster that includes news/talk KTAR-FM, KMVP-FM “Arizona Sports,” and KTAR-imAM “ESPN 620.” Long previously served with Bonneville as PD for sports talk KIRO-AM, Seattle. He was most recently with iHeartMedia San Diego. Bonneville Phoenix SVP and market manager Ryan Hatch says, “We are thrilled to welcome Brian back to the Bonneville family. He is a proven leader who will bring strategic thinking and an innovative imspirit that will grow our market leading news and sports brands.” Long will also serve as PD for KMVP-FM and KTAR-AM. He comments, “Getting the chance to return to Bonneville after such a great run in San Diego and being part of the evolution for such iconic brands as ‘Arizona Sports’ and ‘KTAR News’ is humbling. I look forward to getting to work alongside some of the best talent in the country.” At the same time, the company announces that KTAR-FM assistant program director and news director Martha Maurer is being promoted to program director of “KTAR News.” Hatch says, “There is no one more passionate about ‘KTAR News’ and its talented content teams than Martha. We have watched her grow and achieve great success for 11 years and couldn’t be more excited for her to lead this legendary brand into the future.”

Ratings Takeaways

April 2023 PPM Ratings Takeaways – Part Two

imApril 2023 PPM Data – Information for the April 2023 sweep has been released for Washington, Boston, Miami, Seattle, Detroit, Phoenix, Minneapolis, San Diego, Tampa, Denver, Baltimore, and St. Louis.

Nielsen Audio’s April 2023 sweep covered March 30 – April 26.

TALKERS magazine managing editor Mike Kinosian provides “Takeaways” for spoken-word stations finishing in their respective markets’ top twenty.

Cited as well are each particular city’s #1 station (6+) and loftiest (6+) upticks and drop-offs.

All comparisons noted are March 2023 – April 2023 (6+).


News/Talk: Cumulus Media’s WMAL “105.9 FM – Where Washington Comes To Talk” 4.0 – 4.2, +.2 remains in seventh place.

News: Hubbard Broadcasting-owned WTOP & WTLP “Washington’s Top News” 9.0 – 8.6, -.4, anchored in second-place

Sports Talk: Audacy’s WJFK-FM “106.7 The Fan” (Capitals, Nationals) 2.7 – 2.5, -.2, #13 to #15

Public Radio News/Talk: American University-owned WAMU 12.0 – 11.2, -.8, #1

Number One 6+: public radio news/talk WAMU, 17th month in succession, 12.0 – 11.2, -.8

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Increase: classic hits-oldies WIAD (+.7)

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Decrease: public radio news/talk WAMU and classical WETA (-.8) 


News/Talk: iHeartMedia’s WRKO “AM 680 The Voice Of Boston” 4.1 – 3.6, -.5, #9 to #11

News – Talk: iHeartMedia-owned WBZ-AM “News Radio 1030” 4.4 – 4.1, -.3, seventh to eighth

Sports Talk: Beasley Media Group’s WBZ-FM “98.5 The Sports Hub” (Celtics, Bruins) 8.1 – 8.7, +.6, #1

Audacy-owned WEEI-FM “93.7 Boston’s Sports Station” (Red Sox) 2.6 – 3.5, +.9, #15 to #12

Public Radio News/Talk: Boston University’s WBUR 4.7 – 4.5, -.2, repeats in fifth-place

WGBH Educational Foundation-owned WGBH 3.7 – 4.2, +.5, #12 to #7

Number One 6+: sports talk WBZ-FM, fourth consecutive month, 8.1 – 8.7, +.6

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Increase: sports talk WEEI-FM (+.6)

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Decrease: classic rock WZLX; country WKLB; news/talk WRKO; and hot AC WWBX (-.6)


News/Talk: None in the top twenty

News: None in the top twenty

Sports Talk: None in the top twenty

Public Radio News/Talk: Dade County School Board-owned WLRN 4.3 – 4.0, -.3, continues in seventh-place

Number One 6+: Cox Media Group urban AC WHQT, second straight month, 9.5 – 8.9, -.6

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Increase: classic rock WBGG and CHR WFLC (+.5)

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Decrease: urban AC WHQT and Spanish tropical WRTO (-.6)


News/Talk: Bonneville-owned KIRO-FM “97.3 FM” 4.8 – 4.4, -.4, sixth to eighth

News: Lotus Communications’ KNWN-AM/FM “Northwest News Radio” 4.1 – 4.0, -.1, repeats in tenth-place

Sports Talk: Bonneville-owned KIRO-AM “710 AM ESPN Seattle” (Mariners) 3.1 – 4.7, +1.6, #14 to #7

iHeartMedia’s KJR-FM “93.3 FM Seattle’s Sports Leader” steady at 2.1, #21 to #19

Public Radio News/Talk: Northwest Public Radio’s KUOW 5.1 – 5.5, +.4, continues in fourth-place

Number One 6+: Audacy country KKWF, first month, 7.1 – 6.6, -.5

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Increase: sports talk KIRO-AM (+1.6)

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Decrease: classic hits-oldies KJEB (-1.3)


News/Talk: Cumulus Media’s WJR “News Talk 760 AM” 3.0 – 2.4, -.6, repeats at #14

News: Audacy-owned WWJ News Radio 950” (Pistons) 4.8 – 4.1, -.7, #9 to #12

Sports Talk: Audacy’s WXYT-FM “97.1 The Ticket” (Red Wings, Tigers) 6.2 – 7.4, +1.2, third to second

WXYT-FM’s internet stream 1.8 – 2.1, +.3, #20 to #18

Public Radio News/Talk: University of Michigan-owned WUOM 2.6 – 2.3, -.3, #16 to #15

Number One 6+: Beasley Media Group classic rock WCSX, first month, 6.5 – 7.5, +1.0

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Increase: sports talk WXYT-FM (+1.2)

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Decrease: CHR WKQI (-1.4)*

*Represents the largest March 2023 – April 2023 decrease (6+) of any station from these 12 PPM-markets


News/Talk: iHeartMedia’s KFYI “News Talk 550” 3.0 – 2.5, -.5, #12 to #14

News: None in the top twenty

Sports Talk: Bonneville’s KMVP-FM “98.7 Arizona’s Sports Station” (Sun, Arizona Diamondbacks) 2.3 – 2.4, +.1, #19 to #16

Public Radio News/Talk: Maricopa County Community College-owned KJZZ 6.4 – 6.1, -.3, repeats in third-place

Number One 6+: iHeartMedia adult contemporary KESZ, first month, 7.3 – 8.1, +.8

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Increase: classic hits-oldies KOAI (+1.8)

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Decrease: news/talk KTAR-FM (-.7)


News/Talk: Audacy’s WCCO “News Talk 830” (Minnesota Timberwolves, Minnesota Twins) 3.9 – 4.5, +.6, #12 to #11

Hubbard Broadcasting-owned KTMY “My Talk 107.1” 2.8 – 2.3, -.5, #15 to #16

iHeartMedia’s KTLK-AM “Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130” 2.9 – 2.1, -.8, #14 to #17

News: None in the top twenty

Sports Talk: iHeartMedia-owned KFXN “FM 100.3 K-Fan” (Minnesota Wild) 6.1 – 6.4, +.3, sixth to fourth

Public Radio News/Talk: Minnesota Public Radio’s KNOW 6.7 – 6.4, -.3, third to fourth

Number One 6+: Northwestern Media contemporary Christian KTIS-FM, first month, 6.2 – 8.5, +2.3

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Increase: contemporary Christian KTIS-FM (+2.3)**

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Decrease: hot AC KSTP-FM (-1.0)

**Represents a tie for the largest March 2023 – April 2023 increase (6+) of any station from these 12 PPM-markets


News/Talk: iHeartMedia’s KOGO “News Radio 600” 5.1 – 5.4, +.3, fourth to fifth

News: None in the top twenty

Sports Talk: Audacy-owned KWFN “97.3 The Fan” (Padres), 2.6 – 4.9, +2.3, #15 to #6

Public Radio News/Talk: San Diego State University’s KPBS 6.3 – 6.5, +.2, anchored at #2

Number One 6+: Audacy classic hits-oldies KXSN, third successive month, 7.3 – 6.7, -.6

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Increase: sports talk KWFN (+2.3)**

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Decrease: CHR KHTS (-1.2)

**Represents a tie for the largest March 2023 – April 2023 increase (6+) of any station from these 12 PPM-markets  


News/Talk: Cox Media Group’s WHPT “102.5 The Bone – Real, Raw, Radio” (Lightning) 4.6 – 5.3, +.7, eighth to seventh

iHeartMedia-owned WFLA “News Radio 970” steady at 2.3, #18 to #17

News: None in the top twenty

Sports Talk: iHeartMedia-owned WDAE “Tampa Bay’s Sports Radio” (Rays) 1.3 – 2.1, +.8, #19 to #18

Public Radio News/Talk: University of South Florida’s WUSF 3.0 – 3.1, +.1, repeats at #12

Number One 6+: Cox Media Group adult contemporary WDUV, 21th month in a row, 9.0 – 9.1, +.1

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Increase: contemporary Christian WCIE (+.9)

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Decrease: hot AC WMTX and adult contemporary WDUV’s internet stream (-.7)


News/Talk: iHeartMedia’s KOA “News Radio 850” (Colorado Rockies) 2.4 – 3.0, +.6, #17 to #14

KOA cluster-mate KHOW “Talk Radio 630” 2.3 – 2.2, -.1, locked at #18

News: None in the top twenty

Sports Talk: Bonneville’s KKFN “104.3 The Fan” (Nuggets) 3.5 – 3.4, -.1, #12 to #11

KSE Radio Ventures’ KKSE-FM “Altitude Sports Radio 92.5” 1.6 – 1.9, +.3, #21 to #19

Public Radio News/Talk: Colorado Public Radio-owned KCFR 4.3 – 4.5, +.2, eighth to tenth

Number One 6+: Audacy classic rock KQMT, first month, 4.6 – 5.7, +1.1

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Increase: classic rock KQMT (+1.1)

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Decrease: country KYGO (-1.3)


News/Talk: Hearst Television’s WBAL “News Radio 1090 AM & 101.5 FM” (Orioles) 3.4 – 3.3, -.1, repeats at #12

WCBM Maryland-owned WCBM “Talk Radio AM 680” 2.0 – 1.9, -.1, #17 to #16

News: Audacy-owned business news WDCH “Bloomberg 99.1 FM” .9 – 1.2, +.3, #20 to #19

Hubbard Broadcasting’s WTOP & WTLP “Washington’s Top News” flat at 1.1, #19 to #20

Sports Talk: Audacy’s WJZ-FM “Baltimore Sports Radio 105.7 The Fan” 5.5 – 4.7, -.8, fifth to seventh

Public Radio News/Talk: Your Public Radio Corporation-owned WYPR 3.9 – 4.1, +.2, steady in tenth-place

Number One 6+: Audacy adult contemporary WLIF, first month, 7.3 – 8.4, +1.1

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Increase: rock WIYY (+2.0)

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Decrease: adult hits WQSR (-1.1)


News/Talk: Audacy’s KMOX “The Voice Of St. Louis” (Cardinals) 4.9 – 7.0, +2.1, tenth to fifth

KMOX cluster-mate KFTK “Talk 97.1 FM” 2.1 – 2.2, +.1, repeats at #16

iHeartMedia-owned KTLK-FM “104.9 The Patriot” steady at .9, #20 to #19

News: None in the top twenty

Sports Talk: Hubbard Broadcasting’s WXOS “101 ESPN” (Blues) 3.0 – 2.6, -.4, #13 to #14

Public Radio News/Talk: University of Missouri-owned KWMU 3.8 – 3.6, -.2, anchored at #11

Number One 6+: Hubbard Broadcasting adult hits WARH, fourth month in succession, 10.6 – 9.7, -.9

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Increase: news/talk KMOX (+2.1)

Largest 6+ March 2023 – April 2023 Decrease: adult contemporary KEZK (-1.1)

Up next: April 2023 overviews for Portland; Charlotte; San Antonio; Sacramento; Pittsburgh; Salt Lake City; Las Vegas; Orlando; Cincinnati; Cleveland; Kansas City; and Columbus.

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Bonneville Names Jeff Clewett Director of Sales in Denver

Radio sales pro Jeff Clewett is promoted to the director of sales position at Bonneville Denver, which operates sports talkers KKFN-FM “Denver Sports” and KEPN-AM “ESPN Denver,” plus two music brands. Clewett has been serving the company as general sales manager for KMVP-FM “Arizona Sports.” Bonneville Denver SVP and market manager Katie Reid says, “We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Jeff join our sales team. I know he will show our clients exceptional results and take Denver sales to the next level through his keen strategic thinking, business acumen and strong focus on community.” Clewett comments, “I am humbled and excited to work with such a talented team and iconic brands that are so meaningful to the market. The Bonneville Denver sales team has a track record of tremendous success and I look forward to finding new ways to maximize revenue, deliver extraordinary results for our partners and develop our people.”

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Friday, January 28, 2022

NOW POSTED: This Weekend’s Installment of “The Michael Harrison Wrap: An Overview of the National Conversation.” The latest installment of the one-hour weekend special, “The Michael Harrison Wrap,” that looks back each week at the hottest topics discussed in American talk media per the research of TALKERS magazine, is now posted. This new episode titled, “Back in the USSR,” looks back at this past week of 1/24 to 1/28. The program features guests (in order of appearance): Kevin Casey, TALKERS executive editor, John Batchelor, talk show host, CBS RadioHarry Hurley, talk show host, WPG, Atlantic City; Victoria Jones, executive director/commentator, DC Radio CompanyJosh Hammer, opinion editor/podcaster, Newsweek; and Nanette Holt, reporter, The Epoch Times. The show airs weekends on WONK-FM, Washington, DC; WTIC, Hartford; KSCO, Santa Cruz, CA; KDFD, Denver; KFNX, Phoenix; KTLK-FM, St. Louis; WPG, Atlantic City, NJ; SuperTalk 99.7 WTN, Nashville; KMZQ, Las Vegas; WVLY, Wheeling, WV; WTRW-FM, Scranton/Wilkes Barre, PA; WVOX, Westchester, NY; KBDT, Dallas; KQSP, Minneapolis; KBKW, Aberdeen, WA; WGDJ, Albany, NY; WJFN-FM, Richmond, VA; WZFG, Fargo; KTGO, Tioga, ND; KWAM, Memphis; K-NEWS, San Luis Obispo; WGMD, Rehoboth Beach, DE; WCHM, Clarkesville, GA; WPHM, Port Huron, MI; KSYL, Alexandria, LA; KTOE, Mankato, MN; WCED, DuBois, PA; K-NEWS 101.3, Owensboro, KY; WWTK, Sebring, FL; WSAR-AM/FM, Fall River, MA; WIZM-AM/FM, La Crosse, WI; WMVA, Martinsville, VA; KQEN, Roseburg, OR; the Virginia Talk Radio NetworkCRN Digital Talk Radio NetworkPodcast Radio, UK and many more. To listen to this week’s episode, please click here.  To view the latest TALKERS magazine topic research, please click here. “The Michael Harrison Wrap” is now available in syndication via Talk Media Network to stations across America on a market exclusive basis. For affiliation information, please click here or call 616-884-8616.

Bonneville Names Sean Thompson PD for ‘Arizona Sports.’ Sports radio pro Sean Thompson is named program director for Bonneville’s Phoenix sports talk properties, KMVP-FM “98.7 FM Arizona Sports” and KTAR-AM “ESPN 620 Phoenix.” Thompson comes to Bonneville from his most recent position as assistant brand manager for Audacy’s WZGC-FM, Atlanta “92.9 FM The Game.” Thompson comments, “It was going to need to be the ultimate opportunity for me to leave ‘The Game’ and I’ve found it. With the talented talk shows, flagship relationships with all the local teams and full commitment to digital content, the potential for the ‘Arizona Sports’ super brand is limitless.” Bonneville Phoenix SVP and market manager Ryan Hatch adds, “Sean is the perfect person to lead ‘Arizona’s Sports Station’ to new heights. He is strategic, creative, collaborative and we can’t wait to see what he will do to continue to grow the ‘Arizona Sports’ brand on all channels.” Thompson takes over for Rod Lakin, who assumed the brand manager post with Audacy’s sports talk WIP, Philadelphia in October.

KFI-AM Launches Weekly Show with LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva. Los Angeles news/talk KFI-AM announces the return of the weekly radio program, “Live and Unscripted with LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva.” The iHeartMedia station will air the program on Sundays from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm from its studios in Burbank. The station says, “The new weekly program is back by popular demand and is hosted by Alex Villanueva, who runs the country’s largest sheriff’s department. Every Sunday, listeners can join the show to hear the hottest topics on the mind of LA County residents: homelessness, crime, corruption and politics. Villanueva will also feature guests who will explain the inner workings of the various bureaus in his department.” Station program director Robin Bertolucci says, “Sheriff Alex Villanueva is a straight talker and KFI has always welcomed bold talk.”

Round Three of Holiday PPMs Released. The third of four rounds of ratings data from Nielsen Audio’s Holiday 2021 PPM survey has been released for 12 markets including: Portland, Charlotte, San Antonio, Sacramento, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Orlando, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Kansas City, and Columbus. Nielsen’s Holiday 2021 sweep covered December 9 – January 5. Today, TALKERS magazine managing editor Mike Kinosian presents his Ratings Takeaways from this group of markets. Radio listening patterns change during this period due to the seasonal implementation of Christmas music but some spoken-word stations were able to buck that trend. Audacy’s news/talk KDKA-AM, Pittsburgh tacked on seven-tenths for a 4.4 share (weekly, 6+ AQH share) and rose to the #8 rank. iHeartMedia’s news/talk WTAM, Cleveland was up four-tenths for a 4.4 share and climbed to the #7 rank. In Kansas City, Audacy’s KMBZ-FM rose four-tenths for a 5.0 share finish good for the #5 rank in the market. You can see Mike Kinosian’s complete Ratings Takeaways from this group of markets (as well and the first two rounds) here.

Audacy Partners with Podchaser for Podcasting Insight. A new partnership between Audacy and Podchaser will allow Audacy to use Podchaser’s metadata and podcast technology capabilities to gain insight into the performance and influence of podcasts across the entire industry, enhancing Audacy’s value proposition for agencies and clients. Audacy EVP of digital sales Ken Lagana says, “As Audacy continues to build out our industry leading, measurement and attribution suite, we are excited to partner with Podchaser to help our client and agency partners continue to make smart decisions routed in data when placing their podcast buys with Audacy.”

WABC, New York Honors Memory of Fallen NYPD Officer Jason Rivera. New York City news/talk “77 WABC Radio” is honoring fallen New York City Police Officer Jason Rivera today (1/28), the day of his funeral. The station is asking its listeners to recognize Rivera’s service. “On behalf of John Catsimatidis, chairman and chief executive officer of The Red Apple Group and subsidiary Red Apple Media and the entire staff of 77 WABC, we encourage you to join us and support a hometown hero at the NYPD by ‘standing with us’ on Friday, January 28 at 9:00 am EST to honor the life of Jason Rivera. 77 WABC will pause the airwaves and take a moment of silence to show support and ask ALL of New York City and America to STAND, outside your home, inside your home, place of work or school. All of our communities are deeply saddened and affected, and we are asking to show your support.” 77 WABC and One Times Square have collaborated to display the image of Jason Rivera on the side of their building at 8:58 am, 9:15 am, 9:30 am, 9:45 am. The station is also distributing free “Back The Blue” pins to wear to show support for police officers via its website.

TALKERS News Notes. Seattle’s all-news KOMO-AM/FM “KOMO News” is losing its heritage call letters and the “KOMO News” slogan as part of the deal that transferred the station from Sinclair Broadcast Group to Lotus Broadcasting. The Seattle Times reports that since the deal allows Sinclair to keep the KOMO calls off the stations, it will take up the new calls KNWN for “Northwest News.” Station PD and afternoon personality Rick Van Cise tells the paper, “There won’t be any difference in the sound of the radio station. The personalities, the reporters are all staying the same.”…..Austin public radio outlet KUT-FM names Jerry Quijano permanent host of the “All Things Considered” host seat at the NPR member station. Quijano began his career with KUT in 2017 as a weekend local host. After graduating from Texas A&M University-San Antonio and participating in NPR’s Next-Generation Radio project, he started full-time the following year…..“Radiolab” founder Jad Abumrad announces he’s leaving the podcast he founded almost 20 years ago and to honor and celebrate him, WNYC is releasing the very first episode of the show that was broadcast only once on WNYC’s AM station in 2002 and then locked away in the vault. WNYC says it had to literally digitize the show from several CDs to get it on air. Speaking about his departure, Abumrad says, “For the last few years – since 2016 really – I’ve told myself that there’d come a point when the team would be ‘ready’ for me to leave. When they might even need me to. I wasn’t sure when that would be or how I’d know, but I made a pact with myself to stay watchful, to create space rather than filling it, and to listen rather than talk. We’re at that point.”

COVID-19 Vaccines, Masks & Mandates Top News/Talk Story for Week of January 24-28. Controversy surrounding COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandates and the rate of infection from the Omicron variant in the U.S. and around the world came together as the most-talked-about story on news/talk radio this week, landing atop the Talkers TenTM. At #2 this week was the global tensions over the Russian military build-up at the Ukraine border, tied with relations between the U.S. and China. Coming in at #3 this week was the announced retirement of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer and speculation about President Joe Biden’s potential nominee. The Talkers TenTM is a weekly chart of the top stories and people discussed on news/talk radio during the week and is the result of ongoing research from TALKERS magazine. It is published every Friday at See this week’s complete chart here.