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KCMO, Kansas City Adds Full Market FM to Create Tri-Cast

Cumulus Media Kansas City news/talk outlet KCMO-AM is simulcasting its content on the Ottawa, Kansas-licensed Class C1 FM KCHZ (formerly CHR “The Vibe”). This, in addition to it also airing on translator K279BI at 103.7 FM, creates a tri-cast for the programming that the company says expands “coverage and reaching the entire Kansas City market and beyond.” Cumulus Kansas City regional VPim Donna Baker states, “Today Cumulus Kansas City completes the market transformation of our dominant cluster. With recent moves for Kansas City’s hip hop and R&B – now ‘Power 105.1,’ ‘107.3 The Vibe All The Hits,’ and now adding 95.7 FM to the simulcast of 710 AM and 103.7 FM for a tri-cast of ‘KCMO Talk,’ we have the right formats on the right signals reaching the entire Kansas City community. Congratulations to program director Pete Mundo and our leadership team for their tireless work on this important step forward.” Mundo adds, “KCMO has a rich history. As we often say, ‘If it’s IN KCMO, it’s ON KCMO.’ These legacy call letters have been synonymous with shows that engage the audience in conversations about local and national issues that impact their everyday lives. The addition of 95.7 FM provides a crystal-clear audio experience for our rapidly growing fan base and I’m excited to even better serve talk radio listeners across the Kansas City region.”


NAB’s First Amendment Defense a Farce

By Pete Schartel


LIBERTY, Kan. — It is my patriotic duty alert fellow broadcasters that last week the new driver of the National Association of Broadcasters threw both our cherished First Amendment right of free speech and the preservation of independent broadcast voices under the bus by calling for the silencing of broadcasters that carry Russian-sponsored programming.

New NAB CEO Curtis LeGeyt states that “the NAB is a fierce defender of the First Amendment.” Perhaps he should have used the word “farce” instead. Advocating to shut down independent radio stations, such as my own which has zealously practiced the American ideal of creating a fully informed electorate, doesn’t strike me as being a “fierce defender.” Since his statement came out during meetings with 300 lawmakers it seems more plausible that this was a knee-jerk attempt to make them like him by playing on public sympathy and emotion.