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Joey Reynolds Recovering from Fall


Radio personality Joey Reynolds is pictured here at a New York hospital recovering from a fall at his Manhattan apartment on February 28. Reynolds’ friend Art Vuolo tells TALKERS thatim Reynolds fell from his bed, head-first onto a hardwood floor where remained in various stages of unconsciousness for more than 20 hours before being found by his landlord. Vuolo will travel to New York in two weeks. Well-wishers may send cards for Reynolds to: PO Box 55 Walled Lake, MI 48390. Emails are being collected by Vuolo at Pictured with Reynolds here are: Reynolds’ daughter Kristen Marti on his right and friend Karen King behind Reynolds’ sister Judy.


A Rich Man’s True Jewels

By Mike Kinosian
TALKERS magazine
Managing Editor


RICHMOND, VA. — Whether fair or not, market size/overall reach has been elevated as being an individual broadcaster’s dominant barometer of success.

Countless news/talk shows are heard on terrestrial, satellite, and internet radio, as well as through podcasts and other new media streams, yet it would hardly be a stretch to venture that a wildly significant number of news/talk hosts are fervently vying to become the next Rush Limbaugh.