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CBS News Radio’s World News Roundup Marks 85th Anniversary

Today (3/13), CBS News Radio marks the 85th anniversary of its “World News Roundup” radio program with special programming throughout the day. CBS News Radio says, “When it launched on March 13, 1938, ‘World News Roundup’ changed broadcasting forever by being the first program to feature correspondents stationed around the globe reporting for one live broadcast. The first broadcast was anchored by Robert Trout andVehicle registration plate - Banner featured reporting by Edward R. Murrow, then a CBS executive, making his debut reporting on the show from Vienna. Hitler’s German army was invading Austria and becoming a growing threat to all of Europe.  This was the first comprehensive broadcast that linked America with a world careening toward war.” Currently, Steve Kathan anchors the program and Jennifer Keiper anchors “World News Roundup Late Edition.” The broadcasts are aired on 156 CBS News Radio affiliates and on SiriusXM’s P.O.T.U.S channel. As part of the anniversary celebration, CBS News Audio is launching the new “CBS New Roundup” podcast, which combines broadcasts of “Weekend Roundup,” “World News Roundup,” “World News Roundup Late Edition” and “Kaleidoscope” into one. Also, CBS will release a remastered “World News Roundup” broadcast from 1938.