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Celeb Voices Adorn “Founding Son: John Quincy’s America” Podcast

iHeartPodcasts, Curiosity Inc., and School of Humans announce a new history podcast titled, “Founding Son: John Quincy’s America.” The show is hosted by musician Bob Crawford – bassist for The Avett Brothers – and features Patrick Warburton as John Quincy Adams, Nick Offerman as Andrew Jackson, and Grey DeLisle as Louisa Adams. The podcast tells the story of how John Quincy Adams went from a failed one-term president to an extraordinary ex-president. Additional voice talent includes filmmaker Ken Burns, CNN anchor John King, radio and CNN host Michael Smerconish, musician Scott Avett, and others. Crawford – who recently got his Master of Arts in History – says, “John Quincy Adams is THE most important historical figure that no one knows about. He is the bridge between Washington and Lincoln. The man who stood in the gap and kept the promise of American democracy alive when the Slavocracy sought to undermine it. I have dreamed about making a series about John Quincy Adams for years and am so grateful to iHeartPodcasts, Curiosity, and School of Humans for helping bring America’s sixth president to life.”