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“On Purpose with Jay Shetty” Joins iHeartPodcast Network

iHeartMedia announces that the health and wellness podcast, “On Purpose with Jay Shetty,” joins the iHeartPodcast Network. The press release says the mission of the podcast is “to reach people in today’s global, hyper-connected world – as 1 in 4 people have suffered from loneliness and depression – the biggest factor this generation has ever faced. Despite the pandemic pushing people into overload, creators like Jay Shetty have opened up their heart, mind and platform to reinforce today’s greatest lesson – that vulnerability is a great strength and that people are stronger together.” Shetty comments, “‘On Purpose’ is on a journey to help make people happier, healthier and more healed. Through insightful and vulnerable conversations with icons, experts and cultural figures and weekly workshops, ‘On Purpose’ is dedicated to giving our community the habits and tools to live a more fulfilling life. I’m so grateful for our loyal and ever-growing community who come back every day to listen, learn and grow. As the podcast has scaled globally it made perfect sense to join together with the number one podcast publisher – iHeartMedia. We are so excited for this new chapter for ‘On Purpose.’”