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Salem Media Group Inc will report its first quarter 2023 financial results after the market closes on May 9. The company also plans to host a teleconference to discuss its results on May 9, 2023, at 5:00 pm ET.

CBS Radio is presenting a documentary program for broadcast over the Memorial Day weekend titled, “Who Killed George Polk?” that looks into the shocking murder of CBS news correspondent George Polk in 1947. The program is hosted by Steven Portnoy and executive produced by Craig Swagler. Seventy-five years ago this spring, Polk was executed and his body dumped into the Aegean Sea. Historians who have studied the case over the decades have suggested that the murder of the CBS newsman was actually a conspiracy that involved the US-backed Greek government. The theory of the case is that the CIA – aided by Polk’s fellow journalists — covered up the truth to protect American interests at the height of the Cold War. Redacted CIA documents — original copies of which cannot now be found — give rise to that suspicion.

WNYC Studios launches a new, 12-part season of “More Perfect,” the Supreme Court-focused podcast series that brings the highest court of the land down to earth. “More Perfect” debuted as the first spin-off of “Radiolab” in 2017.  In this new season, host Julia Longoria “revisits the human dramas at the Court that are driving change around core aspects of American life today — from our religious freedom to our artistic expression; from our reproductive choices to our voice in democracy.”