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SiriusXM and Edison Research Unveil Gen Z Podcast Report

SXM Media and Edison Research release the “Gen Z Podcast Listener Report,” a new joint study revealing trending data on the consumption and purchasing habits of U.S.-based listeners aged 13-24. Some key insights from the report include: 1) Gen Z monthly podcast listening has soared by +57% over the past five years. Today, 47% of 13-to-24-year olds in the US have listened to a podcast in the past month, representingim an estimated 24 million Gen Z US monthly podcast listeners. Gen Z listeners are also more diverse than the general population of podcast listeners; 2) 66% of Gen Z podcast listeners say they listen to or watch podcasts to stay up to date with the latest topics, and 61% listen/watch to keep up to date with social issues; 3) While many listen to podcasts while multitasking, 82% say that they listen to podcasts while doing nothing else, and this is especially true for Teens (86%). Podcasts are an important way for this generation to unwind and take a break from other media; 4) Over 80% of Gen Z listeners listen to/watch podcasts to relax, about 2 in 3 listen to escape, and over 50% listen to help them understand how they’re feeling about something. Additionally, almost 1 in 3 think that being on social media has had a negative impact on their emotional well-being; and 5) Over 4 in 10 Gen Z listeners (43%) have purchased a product after hearing a podcast ad for it (*among ages 16+), and 1 in 3 have asked someone to buy a product for them. See the study here.