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Gerald Celente is This Week’s Guest on Harrison Podcast

Noted trends forecaster and outspoken commentator Gerald Celente is this week’s guest on the award-winning PodcastOne series, “The Michael Harrison Interview.” Harrison describes Celente as “a fascinating individual who is the embodiment of the word ‘independent’ in both his use of digital platforms and his bold outspoken opinions about contemporary issues.” Celente is a longtime forecaster of economic, political and social trends and has been a guest voice familiar to the hosts and audiences of talk radio and television for decades. Based in historic Kingston, New York, he publishes a magazine called Trends Journal, co-hosts a podcast with noted media figure Judge Andrew Napolitano, promotes rallies for peace, and has even launched a non- sectarian entity called the Universal Church of Freedom Peace and Justice from which – as its deacon – he delivers a weekly YouTube sermon denouncing America’s role in foreign wars… a position that has cost him a number of former allies in business and the media. Celente describes himself as a “political atheist.”  Listen to the podcast in its entirety here.