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Agricultural Organizations Show Support for AM Radio Act

Twenty-five agricultural organizations have written to legislators to declare their support for the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act that would require AM radio be offered in every new vehicle at no extra charge. They say, “Our members rely on AM radio and the vital services it provides daily. AM radio is a source of weather, commodity, and national farm policy updates for our members. Access to radio becomes even more important for America’s producers in times of emergency. For those who work mostly out in the open, often miles from home, response time is critical. Whether a thunderstorm is developing, a tornado is moving closer, or wildfires are spreading, our members need a reliable form of communication to access critical information. AM radio stations are unparalleled in their range. A single AM station can reach up to 700 miles away and travel through barriers like mountains and buildings. When the power goes out, and cell towers go offline, radio is still available. While millions of rural Americans still lack broadband service, rural and agricultural programming through AM radio helps keep rural residents apprised of news that may impact their businesses, health care, education, and family.”